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The Saga Of Kara Thrace On The Planet Eden.

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On a planet that was 30 lightyears away from the planet Kobol, Kara Thrace was taking the sight of a city that she believe to be the planet Earth. She was the first human from the colonies to visit the planet. This city remind her of the cities on the planet Caprica. She was wondering how the others on the colonial fleet will feel when they reach this planet. She hoped that it will be a place to rest and recover from what the Cylons has done to them. While she was walking, she was unaware of being watched by human disguised hostile aliens.

"What is this woman doing here walking as if she does not have a care in this world?" asked a red and black suited alien soldier, in an echoing voice. This male alien has remember seeing pictures of this blonde human female being captured by his own people. This woman has unmasked their leader in front of a television camera. How did she managed to escape?

"We better recapture her. we might get rewarded if we did this," said the second alien soldier, in an echoing voice. The first alien soldier agreed with that suggestion. So, they took out their gun and went toward Kara.

"Stop right her, Human," echoed the first alien soldier. Kara couldn't understand what he was saying. Then, he send a blue laser beam toward her. It missed her, which give her the idea that these two red and black wearing human looking aliens are hostile toward her. She try to remove her gun, but found out that she wasn't armed.

"Frack," said Kara. Then she started to run away from them. The two aliens began to chase her. They were trying to catch her, but she was too fast for them. Then, she reached a corner where the car was passing her. She couldn't cross the street. She looked to see the two alien soldier coming closer to her. She needed to escape. Then, she remembered a gift that the aliens from the Ship Of Light gave her. So, she vanished in a flash of white light and appeared on the other side of the street in a flash of white light. The two aliens knew that they has to wait until the cross sign turned green. It allowed Kara to get as far from them as possible. When they were able to crossed the street, the woman that they were chasing has escaped from them.

"What are we going to do now?" asked the first alien soldier. The second alien soldier remove his walkie talkie from his pant pocket.

"We are going to call the Angel City Mothership to get any information about this woman," answered the second alien soldier. So that what he did.

The dark haired Steven couldn't believe what he was hearing from one of his people. It seem that Julie Chapel has managed to escape. So he walked to the cell where Julie Chapel was supported to be held. She looked though the window to see her still being here. Julie couldn't see him since the other side looked like a mirror. She was down on the floor, recovering from what the conversion process did to her. He knew that she has been fighting the process. He remembered that Cassiopeia has said that she might die, if she keeping resisting the process. If Julie Chapel is here, then who is the woman who is walking free at another city on the planet Earth? To be continued.