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Batplane Over Gotham City.

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It was the middle of May 2020. George Floyd hasn't been killed, yet. On that day, Bruce Wayne, in his disguise as Batman, was flying his batplane over Gotham City. There has been no report of any super type crimes in the city. He wondered if the Covid-19 disease has scared most of his foes. He alway thought of them of being cowardly over things that they can't handle. There hasn't been any reports about his enemies lately.

"Nightwing calling Batman," said a voice over the the radio. Batman pressed a button to turn the two way radio on.

"What is it, Nightwing?" asked Batman, using Dick Greyson's codename.

"I was wondering if you have heard anything about our enemies," answered Nightwing, over the radio. Batman has to smile, when he heard that.

"I'm afraid that most of our enemies are still hiding from the Covid-19 virus," guessed Batman.

"It's a pity. There is no reason to go on patrol if our enemies are in hiding," said Nightwing, over the radio.

"This can't last. Sooner or later, one of our enemies will come out. When that happen, I want us to be ready," said Batman.

"You have a point. We do have a job to do, even if our enemies are in hiding," said the voice of Nightwing, before he went off the radio. Batman thought about this China created disease. It's more powerful than the worst of Gotham City's super villains. It has scared them into hiding. He has heard the same thing from his fellow heroes. Most of the other super villains has gone into hiding. His fellow heroes has gone on patrol out of their sense of duty. Some of them are monitoring the news to get some more information. Superman has decided to stay in his Fortress Of Solitude to keep other people from getting the Covid-19 disease from him. Bruce doubt that Clark has the disease, but he always been careful around other people, because of his powers. Bruce hoped that Clark won't get into trouble with that alien hating president. He always believe that it was a mistake for Superman to give up his Clark Kent secret identity in public. If Clark want to have a private life, he will need a new secret identity. He hoped that Clark will find a new one, even if he has to lose his powers to get one. Soon, Bruce try to get his mind off Clark and his problem in order to get his mind over his patrol over the city of Gotham. He still have much of Gotham City to check over. So he did just that. The end, for now.