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Checking Out The New Labfarm Land.

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Juliet has heard the summon from Captain John. So, she left the labfarm and turn the dial of the hologram belt on to look like a blonde and blue eyed human female with pink skin. Could this summon be about moving the labfarm to Earth? She walked into John's office. He was an alien disguised as a blonde male. He was looking out of the window in his office. He heard her come in and turned his face toward her. He was smiling.

"I has some good news for you. The city of Los Angeles has agreed to give you land for your labfarm. The leaders of Los Angeles are impressed by your argument for moving the labfarm to Earth," said John. Juliet couldn't believe it. She didn't think that the humans couldn't be convinced.

"Thank you, John," said Juliet. John could sense how excited Juliet was about being able to move the labfarm to Earth.

"If you really want to thank me, get your labfarm to the ground as possible. I have the information of where you must go," said John. He gave her a piece of white paper with writings on it. She took it and and left John's office as fast as possible.

Juliet looked at the trace of land given to her by the city of Los Angeles. Kimberly and Robin was with her.

"What do you think about the new land for our labfarm?" asked Juliet.

"I think that we got the best piece of land to create our Earth based labfarm. John did a good job getting us this land," said the brown haired Robin. She was impressed about this new land.

"When will we be able to get our workers here?" asked Kimberly, who looked like a brown haired teenager.

"We might be able to get them here to help us turn this trace of land into a working labfarm, tomorrow," answered Juliet. Then, the 3 hologram belt wearing female aliens walked back to their shuttle to return to the Los Angeles Mothership. There are things to get done before the labfarm on Earth could get start working. So, the shuttle returned to the Los Angeles Mothership. As the shuttle got to the landing bay, the women inside the shuttle saw two women waiting for them. The shuttle landed and the 3 women got out of it.

"Is this new trace of land that the humans gave us going to be our new labfarm?" asked the blonde female who goes by the name of Polly. The red haired female with her goes by the name of Katie. She, Polly, and Robin are sisters.

"Yes, it will be after we get the seeds and liquid food to the grounds of our new labfarm. Tomorrow will be a busy day. We might as well get some rest after we have our dinner," answered Juliet. So the 5 hologram belt wearing females went to get dinner, which will be followed by them going back to their living quarters to get some rest for their work on the next day. The end, for now.