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[PodFic] Invincible Summer

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Usually I don't post PodFics piecemeal however Real Life has hit like a ton of bricks. I haven't posted a podfic chapter by chapter since The Way of the Apartment Manager.

This story has been completely recorded, so there is that. I just need to edit the rest. I decided to post the two chapters that I have edited. Also, Chapter 3 is soooo long 2+ hours before editing. I've gotten through some in bits and pieces in odd moments and I will finish it...eventually. I don't know when I'll be able to finish editing the rest. I'm not going to try to estimate when I will finish the rest of the editing because I truly do not know.

I also haven't gotten around making a banner for this PodFic either.

I will finish this...!


So here's what I have finished! If your find a mistake please tell me the approximate time stamp and I'll fix it and repost when I post the next chapter.

EDIT 7/24/21:

This PodFic is now complete. After some contemplation I've decided I'm going to simply post it as chapters rather than sticking them together all in one track like I have done with the other chaptered stories I've recorded. This is partly because those other stories have more than chapters in general and the chapters were far shorter than these.

EDIT 3/11/2022:

I made an all- chapter single track PodBook of this PodFic. 

PodBook of An Invincible Summer