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Helping Hands

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Colin Mochrie folded his arms, leaning back in his chair and throwing a "just you
wait" look at a smirking Ryan Stiles. His Whose Line co-star had just gotten off
another zinger at his expense...yet another bald joke, and the audience had roared
in appreciation.

Colin had decided long ago that life wasn't fair. The only thing he could come
back with was something about Ryan's height, but it just wasn't the same. It
wasn't like Ryan was getting any taller, but Colin had less and less hair each
year -- the main thrust of Ryan's joke. So what if you could tell which season a
re-run was from by how bald he was? And besides, he knew that Ryan didn't
really mind the hair loss...especially when they were alone together.

Colin smiled. He loved Ryan, and he knew Ryan loved him, but that wouldn't
keep him from getting even with the man. He just had to wait for a suitable
opportunity, bide his time until just the right moment...

...which came unexpectedly soon, when 'Helping Hands' was the next game
to be announced.

Colin's mind immediately began ticking. Helping Hands was always a good
opportunity to get even with Ryan. He'd used it to his advantage many times
in the past. His typical mode of revenge generally involved food, drink, or
something equally messy that Ryan would end up covered in by the time the bit
was over.

What would it be this time? Ketchup? Sprayable cheese? Whipped cream?

Whipped cream...

Now there was an idea.

Colin's smile became positively angelic as he moved to stand behind the taller
man and passed his arms underneath Ryan's.

Tonight's Helping Hands premise was along the usual lines...Ryan was a
short-order cook and Greg was his assistant, charged with preparing a meal at
a greasy spoon café. There were plenty of things that could be used for a little
revenge -- raw hamburger meat, onions, relish, mustard -- but he knew Ryan
would be expecting that.

Colin had decided that there might be a better way to get even.

They started the scene the way they normally did, with Ryan's hands clasped
behind his back and Colin behind him, his arms out in front of them both. Colin
could tell that his friend was preparing himself for a food-related assault -- every
time his hands dipped down towards the items on the table he could feel Ryan
tense up, then relax as he moved them away.

Colin smiled slyly. Then he tilted his head back and blew ever-so-gently on the
bare skin that was exposed above the collar of Ryan's shirt.

Ryan shivered almost imperceptibly, the fine hairs at the back of his neck
standing up.

Colin did it again, blowing softly in an unmistakably provocative way. Then,
very deliberately, he pressed his body firmly against Ryan's.

Again, there was a barely visible shudder, but with so little distance between them
Colin could feel it easily. He could also feel Ryan's hands twitch, then try to pull
away -- a vain attempt to ease the pressure and warmth building from behind,
since the closeness between their bodies made Ryan unable to gain any leverage.
The close proximity, plus the difference in their heights, made it impossible for
anyone viewing them from the front to see what he was doing. Colin pressed even
closer, effectively trapping his friend's hands between their bodies; and then --
very subtly, at least at first -- began to rub himself against Ryan's backside.

Colin felt the other man choke back a gasp at the increasingly suggestive contact,
but he carried on with the if nothing at all was out of the ordinary.
Determinedly, Colin continued to rub against him, more vigorously than before
but still unseen by the cameras and audience. He could tell his actions were
exciting his lover, that they were starting to get to him; still, Ryan stubbornly kept
on with the skit. Colin pressed his mouth to the other man's shoulder, letting Ryan
feel his breath through the thin cloth as easily as he was feeling his friend's
shuddering heat against his chest and lips. By now the distraction was so great
that Ryan was actually beginning to falter between lines. Colin smiled against the
cloth, then went in for the kill. He bit down into Ryan's back.

Luckily, the sound of the buzzer ending the game drowned out Ryan's moan,
torn from him when Colin's teeth clamped into his flesh.

Colin released the somewhat disheveled man and stepped back, a picture of

Greg was looking at Ryan a little strangely, with one eyebrow raised. "And what
was all that about?" he asked, knowing that something must have been going on
during the routine.

"What?" Ryan gulped out, his face still flushed.

"Yeah, you seemed a little distracted there, Ryan," added Drew playfully. He
could also tell that something had been going on 'behind the scenes'. "What were
you doing back there, Colin?"

"Me?" Colin replied innocently. "Just doing what I usually do, I guess."

Ryan stared at him for a few seconds longer, then turned to Drew. "Can we take
a short break?" he asked, almost desperately. Then he looked back to Colin.

Drew shrugged. "How long?"

"Five minutes?"

Colin decided to have pity on his friend, especially since he himself was a little
'distracted' now too. Besides, he could afford to be magnanimous, now that Ryan's
debt to him was paid...or rather, was about to be paid.

The Canadian smiled at his lover. "Better make it twenty."