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    Then Jim registers the contact properly, and his brain immediately runs on overdrive trying to pick apart the whole situation. He brings it to a halt. Spock does that, now. He touches Jim just as casually as Jim does the inverse. It is a fact of his company. He touches Jim—sometimes fleetingly, sometimes with purpose—on his arms, his hands, occasionally his neck. He has set a broad hand on the small of Jim’s back as they walked in an empty wing of the Academy, before. It’s not a change Jim ever expected of their relationship, but it is—likely because of that—one he treasures.

    [OR: Gay old men getting together, inspired by "checkmate (I love you)", in that "for all that i love dramatic earth shattering confessions of love i feel like spock and kirk were playing a chess match and kirk was like “i’m in love with you.” and spock was like “i know. the feelings are mutual” and kirk was like “i know” and then they just moved on with their day".]