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Don't Be Angry With the Rain

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On sunny days Da Qing enjoys lying outside in their garden, basking in the sunlight. He'd never really thought that with Zhao Yunlan for a master he'd ever get to have a garden, but having Shen Wei in their life has changed things.

He opens one eye as he hears someone walking out, and then when he sees it's Ye Zun he opens his other eye too to look at him. Most of the time Ye Zun isn't human-shaped, and Da Qing doesn't get that much opportunity to look at him like this. He looks comfortable, in a large sweater, the sleeves long enough to cover his hands, and a pair of faded, soft worn jeans that Da Qing isn't entirely sure what he's done to because he's pretty sure they should be new. Ye Zun doesn't mind stealing clothes from his brother or from Zhao Yunlan, but Zhao Yunlan's jeans are far too tight for him. Da Qing appreciates the need for comfort.

For some reason, Ye Zun is holding an umbrella in one hand. Da Qing looks at it with slight suspicion as Ye Zun settles it down next to Da Qing before changing into his other form. He hovers in the air for a moment and then gently settles down not too far away from Da Qing, leaving the umbrella between them.

"I know you don't like to get wet," Ye Zun says quietly, looking up towards the rapidly darkening sky. It definitely hadn't done that before Ye Zun had come out, and Da Qing has a distinct suspicion about the sudden clouds.

Da Qing sighs and changes into his human shape, picking up the umbrella and opening it, just in time for the first drops of rain to hit it. He lifts it above his head, glancing down at the dragon. Ye Zun is just far enough away not to be covered by the umbrella, the rather gentle rain falling freely on him. His head is tilted back slightly, and he looks a bit wistful, as the rain slowly falls down on him.

"Do you remember it?" Ye Zun asks in a quiet voice, not looking at Da Qing. "The rain back then?"

Da Qing tries to think back, but there are rarely more than vague impressions about the early years of his life. The weather doesn't really seem to have left much of an impression. He shakes his head, and then says, "No."

There's a moment of quiet, the only sound the raindrops pattering against his umbrella.

"Good. You shouldn't," Ye Zun says finally. His voice is quiet, and just a bit rough, like he's trying to keep whatever he's feeling from actually showing. "It rained ash. Sometimes it would burn even our scales." Ye Zun's voice is very quiet, and Da Qing isn't entirely certain he's even talking to Da Qing. He definitely isn't looking at Da Qing.

Da Qing sighs again. He really does hate getting wet. Then he sets the umbrella down on the ground, not bothering to close it. Immediately the water falls down against him, making him shiver, even though the rain isn't particularly cold. If Da Qing was forced to give an opinion, as far as rains go, this is almost pleasant. But it's still wet.

He reaches out to run a finger down the side of Ye Zun's neck and Ye Zun turns his head to look at him with some surprise. Wordlessly Da Qing holds his hand out, offering to pick Ye Zun up. Ye Zun likes to cuddle up against him in his cat form, but there are some limits and Da Qing is not getting his fur wet, even for Ye Zun.

Ye Zun makes a questioning chirp like he's actually asking Da Qing if he's sure. Da Qing rolls his eyes and says, "I'm already wet." He can't help if that sounds a bit miserable. Cats are not meant to be wet.

Ye Zun warbles softly and quickly darts into Da Qing's hand, his tail wrapping around Da Qing's wrist. Da Qing lifts him into his lap, and Ye Zun settles down against his thighs easily. Da Qing scratches him behind his horns, and Ye Zun makes a soft, content noise and then starts purring quietly. It doesn't quite sound the same as Da Qing's purrs, but it serves more or less the same function.

"I want warm blankets when we get inside. And something hot to eat," Da Qing grumbles and keeps petting the tiny dragon.

Ye Zun chirps a quick agreement and then continues to purr in contentment, as the gentle rain falls over both of them.