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How Many Beds?

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"So, we're going to buy a house," Zhao Yunlan says suddenly, looking at the cat lying on his side on the other side of the couch, a tiny white dragon draped over him, his head nuzzled against the side of Da Qing's neck.

There's a small pause in the soft clatter of dishes, and he can almost imagine hearing Shen Wei's soft sigh from the kitchen. Zhao Yunlan has occasionally tried to do the dishes for Shen Wei even Ye Zun tried once, it seems only fair considering Shen Wei does all the cooking, but somehow Shen Wei always manages to very politely and gently drive them away and leave the dishes to him.

Earlier, when Da Qing and Ye Zun had been off on their own somewhere, Zhao Yunlan had agreed that they really needed to talk to them about their house plans before making any actual decisions. He supposes that was not quite how Shen Wei had wanted him to bring it up, but really, what else is he supposed to be saying?

He glances in Shen Wei's direction, but he's already back to washing the dishes. Zhao Yunlan can't help but smile a bit. It's not like they'd been trying to talk about it behind the other two's backs. The idea had just happened to crop up when he and Shen Wei were alone. Honestly, it's not like it isn't obvious to everyone that they really need more space.

"Do we need to look for something with two bedrooms or three?" Zhao Yunlan asks, with a meaningfully raised eyebrow.

Da Qing lifts his head to give him a baleful look, while Ye Zun looks at him with large, startled eyes. Those large eyes look far too vulnerable on the tiny dragon.

"I mean, me and Shen Wei will still definitely get a bed big enough for everyone," Zhao Yunlan adds quickly before there are any… misunderstandings. He's really not trying to drive anyone away. Or steal anyone's brother. "But if we're getting more space… Well, sometimes a bit of privacy isn't the worst thing," he adds almost gently.

Well, going by Da Qing's reaction, it's looking pretty clear that some people still haven't actually had a proper talk about things.

His words seem to soothe Ye Zun somewhat and he settles back down, rubbing his muzzle against Da Qing's neck. Seriously, they're so damned cute that Zhao Yunlan keeps having to stop himself from making embarrassing cooing noises at them.

Shen Wei seems to have given up on the dishes for the moment, as he walks over and settles a hand on Zhao Yunlan's shoulder.

"Would you want to get a house?" Shen Wei asks, looking at Da Qing and Ye Zun. Apparently, he's had enough of Zhao Yunlan's approach to things. "Myself and Zhao Yunlan talked about it earlier, but we wanted to ask you before considering it further."

Ye Zun just makes a quiet chirp and doesn't bother to say anything.

"Sure. About time too," Da Qing mutters grumpily. And then glares at Zhao Yunlan once more.

"I've already looked at some options," Zhao Yunlan says, picking up his phone and waving it slightly in emphasis.

"So that's what you were doing all day," Da Qing grumbles. Like he has any right to be grumpy about Zhao Yunlan spending a good portion of the workday on his phone, when he's pretty sure Da Qing had spent most of the day messaging Ye Zun.

Zhao Yunlan is in no way feeling annoyed that Shen Wei is quite staunchly remaining of the opinion that he doesn't need a mobile phone. Maybe Zhao Yunlan would like to send him silly messages throughout the day. He shakes those thoughts away and opens his phone and quickly pulls up some of the listings he'd been looking at.

"There's room for three bedrooms in most of them, but if we don't need all of them, we could make one into an office for Shen Wei," he says and feels Shen Wei's hand tighten a bit on his shoulder. He tilts his head back far enough that he can look at Shen Wei behind him, grinning up at him. "You're going to get annoyed at us for interrupting you when you're trying to work sooner or later."

Shen Wei's brow furrows slightly as he looks down at Zhao Yunlan like he wants to disagree. Zhao Yunlan winks up at him. Shen Wei's mouth purses slightly, but he doesn't say anything. Zhao Yunlan smiles at him and reaches up to pat the hand on his shoulder.

"Did I make you leave the dishes half-finished?" Zhao Yunlan asks quietly. Shen Wei shakes his head slightly, even though Zhao Yunlan is pretty sure that's exactly what had happened. Maybe Shen Wei is trying to say that he doesn't actually mind, which Zhao Yunlan knows isn't true because Shen Wei hates to leave any kind of mess for longer than he absolutely has to.

"Sorry," he mouths up at Shen Wei. Shen Wei's eyes soften and he just shakes his head again. So yeah, apparently Zhao Yunlan isn't supposed to feel bad about that. Well, he won't argue with Shen Wei about it. It's not like the dishes won't survive for a few moments longer without attention.

"Alright, send me what you've been looking at," Da Qing suddenly demands. Zhao Yunlan straightens his head and looks over at Da Qing, finding him human-shaped and holding his phone. Ye Zun has wrapped himself around his arm and is looking at Zhao Yunlan just as expectantly. "You can schedule some kind of viewing once we make sure your choices aren't complete crap," Da Qing says with a sniff.

"Sure," Zhao Yunlan agrees, letting go of Shen Wei's hand to poke at his phone. Then he quickly glances back at Shen Wei again. "Do you want to see too?"

"No. I prefer to see them in person," Shen Wei says, the corners of his lips curling up in a small smile.

"Alright. I think you'll like some of them," Zhao Yunlan says, feeling just a little bit unsure suddenly. He had been looking for things he thought Shen Wei would like; a big kitchen, a yard, room for lots of bookcases, a convenient location close to the university—even if that last doesn't really matter so much when Shen Wei can portal if he wants to.

"I'm sure I will," Shen Wei says, sounding like he doesn't doubt Zhao Yunlan's choices at all. Unlike some people. Zhao Yunlan quikly smiles up at him.

Shen Wei pats Zhao Yunlan's shoulder gently as Zhao Yunlan turns his attention to his phone. And then Shen Wei leaves to go finish those dishes while Zhao Yunlan starts sending links to Da Qing.

"What do you want in a house anyway?" Zhao Yunlan asks, because maybe he should ask, they're all going to live there after all. "Okay, I can guess what the lazy cat wants, but what about you, Ye Zun?"

Ye Zun looks at him with wide eyes and warbles a bit uncertainly. Da Qing pets the tiny dragon's head, right behind his horns. "We'll let you know," Da Qing says decisively.

Alright then. He supposes Ye Zun has never had much opportunity to figure out what he might want before.

"Whatever you say," Zhao Yunlan agrees.