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Change Is Not Certain

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Didi hisses slightly at Kunlun, coiling tighter around Shen Wei's arm, as Kunlun grasps Shen Wei's other arm. For a moment Shen Wei thinks Kunlun might do more than that, but then he glances down at didi instead, and just keeps his hand there on Shen Wei's arm.

Shen Wei pats didi quietly and smiles a bit sheepishly at Kunlun. So far, Kunlun hasn't taken offence at didi's somewhat hostile attitude and Shen Wei is grateful for Kunlun's patience. He's sure didi will grow used to Kunlun with time. He hopes didi will.

Ever since he recovered from the slight overload of energy, didi has refused to be anything but a small dragon, constantly staying somewhere on Shen Wei. He's grateful for the constant contact, it's easier to believe that this is actually true when he can touch didi. But it does make things slightly awkward with Kunlun.

Shen Wei shifts slightly where he's sitting, and just manages to stop himself from leaning against Kunlun. He's feeling a bit… unsettled. He's not sure if he's just imagining the feeling of the dark energy didi gave him like an itch somewhere deep inside him. Like it hasn't quite settled yet.

Maybe it's just that Shen Wei knows where that energy came from.

He wants to stand up and pace maybe, to see if movement would dispel that feeling somehow. Bleed off the excess energy inside him. He knows that's not quite how it works, not when it's dark energy. Not when it's already part of himself.

He sighs quietly and tries to ignore the feeling. It's not like he hasn't killed more than enough Rebel Dixingren in battle, just because didi did it in a different way, it shouldn't really bother him this much, Shen Wei tells himself. And wasting resources that he can make use of would make no practical sense.

Didi hisses a bit louder suddenly, and Shen Wei is jolted back out of his thoughts. He really should be concentrating on the present.

Kunlun looks down at didi and he can see the soft look in Kunlun's eyes. It makes Shen Wei's heart warm to think that Kunlun might feel protective of didi too. There's no real reason for Kunlun to care, but he knows Kunlun has a kind heart. Even so, after what happened to the other Rebels, Kunlun would have every reason to be wary around didi.

Kunlun just keeps smiling as the small white dragon hisses at him, and then slowly and deliberately leans in to brush a kiss against Shen Wei's cheek. That makes didi coil tighter around Shen Wei's arm, his head rising up, as he hisses threateningly at Kunlun. Shen Wei swallows reflexively, frozen in place between the two.

"Didi…" he tries to say, but he has no idea how to continue. In the past, it had always been him and didi alone. How is Shen Wei supposed to explain to didi how much Kunlun means to him?

Kunlun pats Shen Wei's arm and kneels down on the ground at Shen Wei's feet. Shen Wei blinks in surprise, but as Kunlun looks at didi, he realises that Kunlun was moving down to be closer to eye level with didi.

"Ye Zun," Kunlun says, using the name didi had used to introduce himself when they'd rejoined Kunlun. "I promise, I'll never try to take your gege away from you." Kunlun's voice is solemn, his eyes as serious as Shen Wei has ever seen them.

Shen Wei feels his insides twisting slightly at Kunlun's words. Is that really what didi thinks? But Kunlun would never… Shen Wei wouldn't…

But didi has been alone for so long. Didi thought Shen Wei had abandoned him. Of course, didi would have doubts. It's a miracle he believes Shen Wei at all, that he's ready to forgive Shen Wei for leaving him alone for so long.

Shen Wei should say something, tell didi that he will never leave him. But he doesn't want to get between didi and Kunlun right now. Shen Wei's heart hammers in his chest, his palms feel clammy as he waits for whatever didi might do. Didi hisses at Kunlun again, but the sound is a bit more subdued now, almost hesitant.

"I love Shen Wei," Kunlun says, his voice still so very solemn.

Shen Wei's heart stutters. "Kunlun…" the name slips from Shen Wei's lips before he realises.

Kunlun looks up at him, and then smiles a bit sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. "Ah… Xiao Wei… I should have told you first."

Didi huffs quietly, but Shen Wei is feeling a bit too dazed to pay too much attention right then. "You better keep your word," he hears didi tell Kunlun, a clear threat in his voice.

Kunlun quickly looks back down at didi, nodding once. "You're his didi, nothing will ever change that," Kunlun says.

Shen Wei squeezes his own thigh with his free hand and blinks back tears. Kunlun pats his knee gently, letting Shen Wei have a moment to recover.

"I love you, Kunlun," Shen Wei suddenly blurts out. He's never told Kunlun. Kunlun should know.

Kunlun smiles broadly at him, and Shen Wei's heart seems to stutter again. There's an indignant sounding warble from didi.

"Oh, he loves you too," Kunlun tells the small white dragon.

"Of course I love you, didi," Shen Wei hastens to assure him.

Kunlun stands up, quietly dusting off his robes as he turns to look at the box sitting quietly and innocently on the ground not too far away. He can only see part of Kunlun's face from where he's sitting, but for a moment he's sure Kunlun's expression twists into something angry.

"Are you sure this is what you want to do?" Kunlun asks, and he sounds like he wants to tell them it's a bad idea. That they should come up with a different plan. Shen Wei would probably agree with him, but didi is… didi refuses to go with them, not before the Rebel Chief has been dealt with.

Maybe part of Shen Wei is screaming for some kind of retribution as well, but he would far rather have didi safe. But then Shen Wei hasn't been there to take care of didi for a very long time, and didi has learned to take care of himself.

"It is a good opportunity," Shen Wei says quietly. It is. They might even end the whole war if things go right. Or at least take a significant step in that direction.

"Yes. We shouldn't pass on this opportunity," Kunlun says reluctantly. Shen Wei stands up, and walks up behind him, hesitantly touching Kunlun's shoulder. He's almost surprised when didi stays silent.

"Kunlun…?" Shen Wei says searchingly.

Kunlun turns around to smile at him, it's a brittle smile that doesn't reach his eyes. Shen Wei hates it. "Don't mind me, Xiao Wei. I just… I'm just worried."

And then suddenly Kunlun pulls Shen Wei into a hug. "Whatever happens, we'll find each other again. I promise, Xiao Wei," he says rather desperately. There's a small, wet sounding huff from Kunlun, before he mumbles against Shen Wei's shoulder, "You too, Ye Zun."

Didi is so reluctant to turn back human, that Shen Wei almost suggests that he take didi's place. But he knows how unlikely it is that he'd manage to fool people for long enough. Instead he pats didi slightly and tells him he'll be alright. Shen Wei will do whatever he can to make sure of that.

Didi makes a sharp chuff, and doesn't say anything. He uncoils from Shen Wei's arm and in the next moment didi is standing before him.

For a moment, they both look at each other in human form. Anger sparks in didi's eyes, and Shen Wei reaches out to brush away a strand of his newly silver hair from his face. The anger melts away, didi's eyes softening for a moment. And then resolve settles over his features.

"I'll be right here, didi," Shen Wei tells him. He turns into a dragon and hides himself inside didi's clothes. For a moment he wishes that Kunlun was here. Worry churns inside him. If something goes wrong—he just wishes he could see Kunlun and maybe hold him for a moment.

But Kunlun left to get the Alliance forces. They should be here soon. Shen Wei and didi have given them as much time as they can. Didi tells him that the Rebels will move on soon, even without him. They can't wait anymore.

He still wishes Kunlun was here with him.

The Rebel Chief is dead. There's fighting all around Shen Wei. He isn't paying attention to any of it. He doesn't know what had awakened the Hallows, and oh how he regrets having taken those things with them. But they'd needed them, needed them to fool the Rebels long enough to—

But it doesn't matter. Nothing matters at all as the only thing Shen Wei can see is the Hallows taking Kunlun away. Da Qing is screaming something, but Shen Wei can't make sense of the words. Maybe there aren't any words.

"Gege!" he hears didi yell at him, pulling at his hand. "We need to…"

But it's already too late. The power of the Hallows swirls around them, wind howling in Shen Wei's ears.

"Ge!" didi yells, fear in his eyes, as he grips Shen Wei's hand harder.

Shen Wei tightens his own hold. "I'm sorry, didi," Shen Wei says, but the words are lost in the howling around them.

He's still holding onto didi's hand as they fall.