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A Jetson Family Father's Day Story

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Once they figure out who would give which video disk to George, Elroy and Jane has to wait the right time to get their gifts. The right time for them was on the Saturday before Father's Day. After Elroy got his allowance from his father, Jane took him to the Spacetown Mall. After getting off the airbus, Jane and Elroy went into the mall. They walked down the hall of the Spacetown Mall until they reached the video disk store. They walked inside to get their gifts for George. Soon, Elroy got the cartoon from his father's childhood while Jane brought the video disk with the science fiction movie that he wanted. After paying for their gifts, they walked back to the airbus stop and waited for the airbus that would return them to their apartment. When it got to the stop, they went inside and took it to the airbus stop that was near their apartment. Then, they walked back to their apartment. They went inside to hide their gifts to George alongside the book that Judy brought for George. After hiding the gifts for George, they decided to spend the rest of the day outside to enjoy the rest of the day. They did that until it was time for Jane to make dinner.

The next day was Father's Day. Jane made a special breakfast for her family on that day. Then, after they ate their breakfast, they went to get their Father's Day gifts for George. Soon, George was given his gifts. He was happy to get them. Then, they has to get ready for Sunday mass. Checking out his gifts will have to wait. After mass was done, George went to show his family the cartoon from his childhood. Both Elroy's and Judy's eyes was full of wonder when they saw the cartoon for the first time. George was remembering how his eyes was full of wonder when he first saw the cartoon. He knew that Jane has already saw that cartoon as well. He hoped that if his future grandchildren see that same cartoon, he hoped that they would like it as much as he, Jane, and their kids did when they first saw it. He doesn't know if it would happen, but he can always dream. The end, for now.