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    “I need to get something off my chest,” Nanu says, “or I’m going to lose it.”

    Giovanni is drinking from his mug when he hears this. His eyes flash at Nanu over the rim with something like skepticism. Reacting, Nanu supposes, to the implication that he hasn’t already lost it.

    Nanu pretends not to notice. “When I signed up for Interpol, I knew that I was going to have to kill people. Have you ever actually done that? Can you relate to it at all?”

    “I was there, Nanu. I was with you.”

    “You were there for the part when I was in Team Rocket. And you’re a delegator. You see parts of it, sometimes, but you don't have to feel it happen. They never had to be real people to you.”


    Nanu has never been well. Lately he is becoming even less well. Meanwhile, Guzma is trying to process the abuse he experienced as a child and has inadvertently dug himself into a deeper hole by trying to get better. Lusamine takes advantage of everyone.

    *If you're here for the sex & non-con it's mostly all going to be in the last chapter, but there's a blowjob hidden in the plot-centric parts for those who read the whole story.