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A Moment Of Peace

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Star Wars: A Moment Of Peace by mbozzo.

It was a bright and sunny day, as Luke Skywalker walked to a rock overlooking his 'Jedi School'. He always come to this rock when he need to think things over. Not even C3PO and R2D2 know about this place. He looked around this place He love the peace and quiet of this place. He can allow his mind to clear and become one with the Force. He sat down on the rock and think about the life around him. He closed his eyes.

He has heard the sounds of the universe. He stay very still for a minute or two. Then, he open his eyes. There was a evil that needed to be fought. All of his students need to get ready to fight that evil. It's not his time to fight that coming evil, but he know that he and the other Jedi must be ready to fight it. So he got up, and started his walk back to his 'Jedi School'.

The end, for now.