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To Train The Human Troops.

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"Yes, it is. They are not real. The Syrians have enemies that are trying to destroy them. It is our job to help them defeat their enemies," said Daniel. Cassiopeia couldn't believe what Daniel was telling her. She didn't want to believe that the Syrians are planning to attack the Simeon race. She got out as fast as she could. Daniel followed her. He caught up to her when she stopped walking. Then, Steven walked up to them.

"How is the training, Daniel?" asked Steven. He didn't noticed the evil eye that Cassiopeia was giving him. He would have killed her if he did.

"It was doing as well as it could. These aliens didn't give us a chance to defend ourself. It was a good thing that the holograms weren't programed to kill us," answered Daniel.

"Can I talk to you alone, Steven?" asked Cassiopeia. Steven took a good look at Daniel. He wondered what Cassiopeia wanted to talk to him about. So he dismissed Daniel and waited until he was out of sight.

"What do you want to talk about, that you do not want Daniel to hear?" asked Steven. He seemed to be annoyed with her. She didn't care.

"Why are our people using the Simeon race as an enemy to train the humans with? I thought our two races are allies," answered Cassiopeia. Steven feel sorry that Cassiopeia doesn't know the truth about the relationship with the other alien races.

"The Simeon and other alien races might turned against us. We need to be prepared for that to happen. Our survivor as a race depend on that," answered Steven. Cassiopeia didn't believe a word of Steven's answer.

"Our people doesn't need more enemies. It is bad enough that the humans might become our enemies. I don't think that making enemies of allied races will help us have a future," warned Cassiopeia,

"We can handle the humans. They are below us. They are a race of animals that need to be tamed. They deserved to be our slaves and our food. Any enemies of our people will be crushed, as we bypass them," said Steven. Then, he walked away. Cassiopeia gave him the evil eye again. She can't believe how dumb the Syrians could be. She has this feeling that God isn't happy with the Syrians. Their plan to keep their people alive might backfire on them. If they managed to make an enemy of her people, the Cylons. they might not have a future. If her people see the Syrians as a threat, they will wipe them out. Any race who see humans as foods might think the same about their creations. Her people may have no choice, but to wipe them out from this universe. She doesn't want to think about that happening. It frighten her to the core, and there is nothing that she could do about it. The end, for now.