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To Train The Human Troops.

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It was a new year on the planet Eden, called Earth by the humans living there and the Syrians, who has arrived 4 months before. They has pretended to be friends and were mistaken to be from a lost tribe from Kobol. It was a lie. After a month of being there, the Syrians took over by pretending that scientists were trying to steal their tech and claimed it for themselves. They pretended that they were helping the various government of the planet to find the enemies of peace, bet they were really took over the various government, Killing any who were resisting them. On the first month of the new year, they has control over the humans of the planet. As life got harder for the humans, a few of them started created resistance groups. They tried to get the Syrians off the planet, but it wasn't easy for them to do so. There were still a number of humans helping them, in the hope of getting power over their fellow human. One of them was a human named Daniel Burner. He was a dark haired male who joined the Syrian Youths. He was at that time, being checked over by an Asian looking female named Cassiopeia. Unknown to the Syrians and Daniel, She was really a Number Eight Cylon.

"How did you get those marks on your body, Daniel?" asked Cassiopeia, in an echoing voice. She saw that there were other Syrian youths being checked over by the other medical officer. Daniel try to give a nice smile, but he was aching.

"We were in a training session, where we fought holograms of aliens who were attacking us. We were being told that there were other alien races that might see us as enemies," answered Daniel. Cassiopeia didn't like what Daniel was telling her. She try to hide her feeling, but didn't do a good job at it. Daniel took it as a sign of worrying about his people.

"Don't worry your pretty head about it. The holograms weren't programed to kill us. These aliens were programed to try to knock us out," finished Daniel.

"Can I see your training hologram?" asked Cassiopeia. Daniel didn't think that it would do any harm to let her see the training holograms. So, he decided to show it to her. When he felt healed, he led Cassiopeia to the training room. He pressed the door to open it. It opened and they went in.

"Show the holograms of the enemy aliens," said Daniel. Suddenly, an image of a ape-like alien appear in the room. Cassiopeia couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was an image of a Simeon. Her people has no hatred of these ape-like aliens. The Syrians seem to be on good terms with them.

"Is that the alien race that you Syrian Youth are being trained to fight?" asked Cassiopeia. To be continued.