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It had snowed overnight, and as Merlin made his way to Arthur's chambers, he bundled up a little tighter to ward off the cold. Snow wasn't uncommon in Camelot, but getting a depth of nearly half a cubit from one storm worth certainly was.

Merlin walked through the kitchen, happy to step by the ovens if even for a moment, and absorbed their warmth. Once he'd had his fill, he went straight on to get Arthur ready for the day. Except when he walked in, none of the drapes were drawn nor the candles lit; the room was completely black. He would need to talk to the house staff and see what happened that morning.

"Sire?" Merlin said as he walked into the room. He wanted to leave the door open for what little light spilled into the room, but it would let out what warmth the room held from the dying fire. Merlin threw open the curtains when there was no rustling from the bed. "Arthur?"

As Merlin grabbed the material that covered a second window, he was assaulted by a pillow to the side of his head. "Oy," he said.

Just Arthur's eyes and nose appeared from under the blankets. "Give that back." A hand reached out from under the blanket, and Arthur snapped his fingers.

Merlin held the pillow, one eyebrow raised.

An audible sigh escaped the multitude of blankets. "Please," Arthur added. When Merlin obliged, Arthur thanked him. "It's quite chilly."

"Yes, I noticed that, sleeping in my bed. Alone." Merlin continued readying Arthur's chambers for the day. He opened the other curtains, then grabbed a log to build up the fire.

"I'm sorry, Merlin," Arthur said. "But you know that we must be careful when Agravaine stays overnight."

Agravaine. Merlin already didn't like him for some reason, and keeping him from Arthur's bed was just another reason to add to the list.

"I understand, Arthur," Merlin said, then gave Arthur a sardonic smile. "And speaking of your uncle, you have a meeting with him coming up soon." Merlin stepped to the bed, then grabbed the covers and made like he was going to strip them from the bed.

Arthur whimpered.

"Come on, Arthur," he said. "Duties await."

But instead of coming from under the covers, Arthur scooted back and held them open. Merlin could see he was shirtless. "Come lay with me first?"

Merlin could never say no to Arthur. At least not about this. So he shrugged out of his cloak and shoes, then climbed in next to Arthur, smiling when Arthur put an arm around his waist and pulled him close. "Good morning to you, too," he said, then leaned in and nipped at Arthur's lips.

Arthur's hand came to rest on Merlin's chest. "Good morning, love."