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2 Visitor Officers Talking About the Mission To Earth.

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It was the first Saturday in the year 1983. Inside a mothership hovering over the city of New Haven, 2 Visitors, an alien disguised as a blond male and an alien disguised as a dark haired female was walking and taking with each other.

"What do you think what John going to do with the rumors of humans resisting our people?" asked the blonde male who was the captain of the ship.

"I have no idea. We has to be careful about this. We do not want the humans see us as their enemies," answered the dark haired female, who was his second in command. They has heard about how some humans are now fighting their people. It make them very uneasy to be on the planet. If the rumors are true, taking over this planet will became harder to do.

"I has talks with Roger, the captain of the New York Mothership. He believe that this group of humans will make it harder for us to take this planet from them," said the captain.

"We need to do something, but in a way to make sure that we do not end up creating more humans as enemies," agreed the second in command. The captain thought about what his second in command has said. He has to admit that his second in command has a point. Of course, he won't said that out loud to her. He remembered when being in the defense force was a badge of honor, but ever since the Great Leader took over, he saw how much it has changed. He wished he was anywhere, but on this planet. As much as he want to save his people from becoming a dead race, he wondered why they has to go to this planet, when there are easier planets to take over. The humans may have been animals, but they are smart and feeling animals. If the humans see his people of being a threat to them having a future, they might become a threat to their people to having a future. If the humans decided to go to war against his people, he has his doubts on who might win. For all he know, the 2 races might ended up destroying each other.

"Is something wrong? You seem to be lost in thought," said the second in command. He snap back to the present. He was reminded of the mission to save his people.

"I was lost in thought. I am thinking how things could go wrong. There are easier planets beside this one. I know how important this mission is, but I can not help to think how things can go wrong. It is a part of my job to think about it. I hope that we will be successful," said the captain. The second in command looked at him. He has to think of everything that can go wrong. She has to admit that the captain has a right to be be worried. If anything went wrong in this mission, her people, the Voeian race might not have a future, and she doesn't want to think about that at all. The end, for now.