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The Beaten Diana Royal

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"Let us get lunch and then we talk about her," said the nurse. Diana felt hungry. So she went along with the idea. The 3 grown-ups gotten a chicken sandwich, while Marvin was given milk from a baby bottle by his mother. She also gave him some baby food. Diana can't help but feel envious of her double's bond with her son. Soon, they were done.

"Let's walk to somewhere private where no one else can hear us," suggested the nurse. Diana couldn't argue with that. So, she walked with her double to an empty room. She was still holding her son. Once inside, she closed the door.

"Now, that we're alone, I can tell you what has happen to me. After you disappeared, your costume minus the bracelets appeared at the apartment that I share with my family. It was gift wrapped and tagged to me. I opened it and saw your costume. When I show your costume to Dave, he didn't like it. He didn't know who it came from. He didn't want me to put it on and I humored him by not putting it on. When I came home from work, the costume was still there. It wanted me to put it on. I couldn't resist the urge to put it on, and I did. The next thing I know, I found myself outside fight a few crooks who were trying to rob the bank, and I used the lasso on them. Dave wasn't happy to see me when I came home. I promised him that I wouldn't put the costume on anymore, but the urge always took me over and I ended up getting into more fights in which I has to use the golden lasso. It was as if the costume was using me to fight its battles," explained the double. Diana felt sorry for her double.

"Do you have the costume on, now?" asked Diana. The double looked down at her son. Then, she looked at Diana.

"You need to wear the costume again. You need to be Wondrous Woman again," said the double. There was pain in the double's eyes. She could sense that Diana Whiteman doesn't want to wear the costume and be Wondrous Woman anymore. She knew that she has to become Wondrous Woman again.

"Give me the costume," said Diana. she took her double's hands. Then, she felt a tingle go into her body. She felt powerful again. Then, she took off her blue uniform to reveal her Wondrous Woman costume on her body again. She didn't know how the costume got on her body, but she felt that she could do her job as Wondrous Woman again. She opened the door and show her powerful costumed body to David Whiteman.

"Don't tell me that you're needed somewhere else," begged David. He was relieve to see his wife still in her nurse uniform come out of the room.

"You don't need to worry about me anymore. The original owner has taken back her costume. I won't be compled to fight its battles anymore," said the nurse. Then, Wondrous Woman sensed that she is needed.

"I'm needed somewhere else. I can't stay here," said Wondrous Woman. so she left the hospital and went to fight for justice once again. She has gotten over her ordeal and is ready to continue her fight for justice. The end, for now.