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The Beaten Diana Royal

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"Have you seen Miss Royal? It has been only one day and she hasn't been seen around here," said Steve Terra, a blonde male who was wearing a green Army uniform.

"I haven't seen her either. It seem that she has disappeared," said Ella Cannon, a sightly fat red haired female. Now, she think about it. She hasn't seen her roommate since Wondrous Woman has disappeared. Could the Axis agents gotten their hands on her? It was at that moment, that a dark haired female wearing classes and a blue uniform walked into the office. She didn't look so good. Ella ran to her.

"What has happen to you?" asked Ella. The dark haired female sat down. The two knew that there is something wrong with the dark haired female.

"You don't look so good, Diana. We were worried about you. We almost thought that the Axis agents got their hands on you," said Steve. Diana looked at the two in the office. She doesn't know what to tell them.

"Can you tell me the date? I was held captive that I lost all sense of time," explained Diana. Ella told her the date. Diana couldn't believe it.

"So I've been gone for about 2 days. An enemy of Wondrous Woman has held me captive and done things to me. I was ashamed of how helpless I was. If I haven't been rescued by Norton, I will still be a captive of that monster," reported Diana.

"The person who has harm you should have been punished for what he did to you," said Ella. She said it in an angry tone. Diana don't blame her. Ella has been raped once, and that person who done it has paid the price for what he did. She should know, since it was her, as Wondrous Woman, who made that person pay for what he did.

"He already has. Norton has killed him for what he did. I don't feel sorry for him," said Diana. Then, she got up. She walked to a desk. She sat down and started to type on a typewriter. They looked at Diana doing her work. They saw how she wasn't going let the person who has raped her keep her from doing her work. They didn't see the anger in her eyes. They didn't see the pain of remembering her ordeal. They saw a strong woman doing what she must do to help America win this war.

"Do you think that she will recover from what was done to her? The same thing has happen to me, and I still have nightmares about it," said Ella. She could sense that Diana need to be protected. She hoped that she could do the job. To be continued.