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Dizzy Daddies 2015

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Mister Haig looked up to see a hulking black haired male. He was the source of that angry voice. Mister Haig believe that he might have known Cathy.

"Who are you, beside being this woman's husband, as you have claimed to?" asked Mister Haig. He was trying to side this man out if he has to fight him. He hoped that he doesn't have to.

"It's the truth. I'm really this woman's husband. This is not the first time that she has played this game. I can't tell you how many times that she tricked other men into believing that she's single," said the husband. Mister Haig gave Cathy a dirty look. He got up to scold her.

"Shame on you. You have a husband and you go and screw around with other guys. Your husband should end his marriage to you and leave you with nothing," scolded Mister Haig.

"I would have if I didn't still love her. She may be unfaithful to me, but it doesn't stop me from loving her," said her husband. Cathy knew that she was in trouble.

'I better get out of here' thought Cathy. She got up and back away from her husband and Mister Haig, who is standing in judgement of her. She has became scared. She knew that her husband will grab her and carry her on his right shoulder to take her home. He has done this before. Once she was far away from them, she turned around and ran as fast as she can. She need to get away from these 2 guys. She opened the door to get out of the bar.

"You can't escape from me, Cathy," said the angry husband. He began to leave the bar to chase her. He was thinking of what he's going to do to her when he catch up to her. After they were gone, Mister Haig began to laugh. He was thinking about what the husband was going to do to her when he catch up to her. He didn't feel sorry for Cathy. She deserve everything that is coming to her for what she did.

"Is something wrong?" asked the bartender, who was a brown skinned male. He has just arrived to see Cathy fleeing from her husband. He didn't understand what was happening. Mister Haig calmed down.

"I was thinking about the trouble that she has caused for my future son-in-law, because he found out that she was married. I have to go home and tell my family about what has happen. We might get a big laugh out of this," explained Mister Haig. So, he left the bar and went home. When he got there, he told his family and Johnny about what has just happen. He was right about one thing. They did has a good laugh over his story. The end, for now.