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Dizzy Daddies 2015

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It was nighttime and Mister Haig, a blading black haired male with a dark haired mustache, was enjoying the warmth of his fireplace. His eldest daughter, a black haired female, was mooning over her latest love. His wife, a middle aged blonde haired female, was doing needlework, while his younger daughter, who has the same hair color as her mother, was reading a book. What they didn't know at the time, was that inside a cab, the future husband of the eldest daughter, a dark haired male, was being chased by a very angry blonde female. She was in another cab.

"Don't lose him. I want him to pay for not keeping his promise to marry me," said the angry blonde.

"I'm trying not to lose that first cab," protested the driver of the second cab. The boyfriend of the eldest daughter was trying to lose the angry blonde, but he wasn't doing a good job at it. As the first cab got close to where the fleeing boyfriend wanted to be, he told the driver of the first cab that he could walk the rest of the way of where he wanted to be. He got out of the cab and paid the driver of the first cab with the cash that he has on him. Then, he walked the rest of the way to the house where he wanted to be. It was not a long walk. The blonde saw what he did and got out of the second cab, after paying the driver of the second cab the money that he own him. Then, she ran after him. He was almost at the house, when the blonde grabbed him.

"You are going nowhere except with me, Johnny," said the angry blonde. He grabbed her by her right wrist and flipped her. It caught her off guard allowing him to run to the door and ring the bell. He was the family in the house was home, this time. The door opened and Mrs. Haig came into view.

"Come on in, Johnny, Joann is waiting for you, said Mrs. Haig. Johnny walked into the house. Mrs. Haig closed the door. He believed that he was safe. He doesn't know how wrong he could be. Johnny walked to the piano, and sat down. Joann, his recent girlfriend sat down next to him. Then, they start playing music. Mister Haig walked to the piano and stopped near it. Johnny and Joann was still playing it when he saw his ex-girlfriend pacing back and forth. Then he saw her walked toward the door. He heard the bell and got up from the piano and walked toward Mister Haig.

"Can you get the door and talk to her? She's a former girlfriend, and she wasn't too happy about the break up. I was bummed over it until I met your family," reported Johnny.

"I'll see what I can do," promised Mister Haig. So, he put on his brown jacket because it was cold outside, and walked outside the house. He stopped near the blonde and closed the door. He saw anger in her eyes. So he did the only thing that he could think of.

"Who are you and what can I do for you?" asked Mister Haig. To be continued.