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A New Year For the Women Under The Will Zapper Potion

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It was sometime in the 20th Century. It was the first day for the New Year. Fester Sneekley was walking with his 'bride', Penelope Pitstop, who the town people believe to be his wife, Penny Sneekley. Fester has been the town's lawyer since he has arrived with his brainwashed bride. The town people are unaware that Penelope has been enslaved, because she allowed them to believe that she's his wife. Thank to the Will Zapper, she will do anything that Fester will want her to do. She hasn't try to escape because she doesn't know that she is being mind controlled by him. She has been carrying his seed inside her body for a while. Sooner or later, it will come out as a baby boy or baby girl. She doesn't know what it will be, but she hope that Fester will live long enough to greet his new child to the world.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Hillary Gasser is dying her hair brown. Her boyfriend, Flowing Bear was watching her change the color of her hair. He wondered why is she doing that, let alone doing it in front of him. So he decided to ask that question. Her answer caught him off guard.

"I'm doing it, because I no longer want people to mistake me for Penelope Pitstop. I was hired to play her by Fester Sneekley, who wanted to fool some of his enemies into thinking that I was her. I has been acting as her for these long months. Now, that I have you, I don't need people to think that I'm her anymore," explained Hillary. Flowing Bear knew that it made some sense, but he wanted to know why she is doing this in front of him.

"Is that why you invited me to come here to watch you dye your hair?" asked Flowing Bear. Hillary turned to look at him. She smiled at him. She wanted him to feel comfortable around her.

"I want you to see the real me. I has already made plans to pretend to start working as Penelope Pitstop's assistance, while I'm really the one in charge of the Los Angeles branch of the Pitstop Department Store. I has already began to sign for the rent check under my real name. The story is that I'm Penelope Pitstop new roommate to keep people from finding out that I has replaced her until now. Another reason I want you here, is that I need you to get used to the real me, since we'll become man and wife some time in the future," explained Hillary. She put her arms around his body. He looked at her smiling face. Then, he wondered if she would do this if he hasn't used the Will Zapper on her. Then, she kissed him. She was inviting him into her life. When they get married and she end up getting his seed into her body, she will belong to him until death take them apart.

Running Bear smiled as he leave Los Angeles. his younger brother has ensnared the woman who is pretending to be Penelope Pitstop. He is unaware that Hillary is planning to stop pretending to be her. She was planning to marry Flowing Bear as her real self. Even if he knew what Hillary was planning to do, he doesn't care. All he want to do now is to find the real Penelope Pitstop and make her pay for what her father did to his tribe. He might not know what will happen when he find her, but he feel that he could handle that when that happen. It's just a matter of time. The end, for now.