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The Upcoming New Year On The Planet Eden.

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It was a few days before the New Year on the planet Eden. Cassiopeia, a Number Eight Cylon was surprised that the Syrians are allowing the humans to celebrate the coming of their New Year. She was checking over a human disguised male Syrian named Brian. He could pass as a blonde human male. She was scanning him with a handheld scanner. She discovered that his cells has been altered in the genetic sense.

"Who did this to you? Your cells has been altered in the genetic sense," said Cassiopeia. She was puzzled over what the handheld scanner was showing her.

"Diana did this to me. She hope that I can put my sperm into a human female captive and create a baby from her body. She later escaped with the help of a human male," answered Brain. Cassiopeia couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was trying to hide her anger. It wasn't easy for her to do. She wanted to kill that self important alien female reptile.

"I can see that you are angry at her, but she know what she is doing," excused Brian. He hoped that Diana doesn't see Cassiopeia as an enemy. He has heard what Diana does to her enemies.

"That is the problem. She does not know what she is doing. If the child have not arrive as a stillborn, that child will have to be killed, and I do not want to be the one to try to kill that person," said Cassiopeia.

"This is a matter of our survivor. We must continue to have a future," defended Brian. Cassiopeia looked at him as if he was stupid. It make him feel uneasy around her.

"Are you going to tell Diana what you believe about her experiment?" asked Brian. He was really worried.

"I doubt it will do any good. She has already went with it. We has to wait until or if that hybrid child come out of that human female," said Cassiopeia, in a defeated echoing voice.

"Have you heard about John allowing the humans to celebrate the coming of their New year in a limited fashion?" asked Brian. Cassiopeia was glad to heard that question. It mean that she can change the conversation.

"Yes, I heard about it. This is one of John's best decision. After causing the humans to celebrate their start of their Winter season in secret, allowing the humans to celebrate the coming of their New Year might cause them to hold off their anger toward us," answered Cassiopeia. Brian got up and slowly walked away from Cassiopeia.

"You may be right. I can not wait to see what will happen in their upcoming New Year," said Brian, as he left the sickbay. Soon, he was gone leaving Cassiopeia alone with her thoughts. The end, for now.