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The Last Gathering Of The Visitor Youths For 1982.

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It was two days after Christmas and Toni was walking with Alvin and 3 of her closest friends to the new Visitor Youth Center, which used to be the YM-WCA building.

"It's amazing that things has change since the news about the scientist's plans to steal from the Visitors. I'm still wondering how they were going to do that," said Alvin, a red haired male.

"They has taken over the running of this world. I know that they are doing this for our own good, but they have to be careful before our people want them to leave," said Toni, a blonde female. She was thinking about her older sister, Julie. She hope that the enemies of peace haven't gotten to her.

"Once their mission is done, maybe they could leave before our people try to kick them out," said Jennifer, an Asian female. Soon, they got to the Visitor Youth Center. They walked inside. As they got inside, they saw teenagers that they haven't met before. They walked into a meeting room. They took their seats and sat next to each others. They looked around to see other teens wearing the orange Visitor Youth uniforms that they're wearing as well. Then, a black haired male wearing a red Visitor Corps uniform walked on a stage. He stopped at a mike. He began to speak.

"I'm glad to see you all here. Some of you would noticed that there are new bloods here. Do not worry. They came from our people. I was hoping that we could work together against the enemies of peace. I ask some of our young people to pair up with a Earthling. I was hoping that the pairing could get both races to learn to work together. Now is the time to mingle with each others. I hope that it will be a new start for the upcoming next year," echoed the black haired speaker. Then, he left the stage, leaving the Visitor Youths to get to know each other. They walked into a large empty room and Toni saw her friends being introduced to Visitor teens. A latin girl walked up to Toni and stopped near her. Toni turned to looked at the newcomer.

"Hi, my Earth name is Rena. I am new to this planet and I was hoping that a nice Earth born could help me get used to this planet," said the newcomer. Toni noticed that there was an echo to her voice. This teenaged girl might be a Visitor. Toni gave out her right hand

"My name is Toni Parrish. I was born on this planet. It's good to meet another person from another planet. If you want to hang out with me, I won't mind it. I hope that we can be friends," said Toni. She mean every word of it. Rena gave out her left hand and Toni took it. It felt cold to the touch. Toni looked into Rena's eyes and saw puzzlement and wonder. She began to wonder if Rena and her would become friends. A part of her hoped so, but she she knew what the future hold for them, she might have second thoughts, but that is for another story for another time. The end, for now.