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A Talk Inside The Medical Sickbay.

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Cassiopeia couldn't believe she has heard from the other blue uniformed medical officers. They mention of a human who has managed to sneak into their mothership and filmed what was happening there. This human, a human male named Michael Donalds has managed to ripped off the fake human skin of one of the officers. Cassiopeia, a Number Eight Cylon walked to the officer, who looked like a blonde human male, was having his fake face repaired. If you look at it now, you wouldn't know that it was ripped off.

"I heard that you has an encounter with a human who has ripped off your face," reported Cassiopeia. The red uniformed officer looked at her. He was wondering why she wanted to know. He knew that it was news around this mothership.

"You have heard right. I caught this human trying to hide inside a crawlspace. He has saw me removing my human looking eyes. So, I had to remove him from that crawlspace, but he has fought me ripping my fake human face off. It caught me off guard, which allow him to return to the crawlspace that I caught him in," said the red uniformed officer.

"I am glad that it was not me. I would have no idea on how to handle it," confessed Cassiopeia. If this Mike Donalds has tried to remove her face, he might find out that she's a Cylon neo-human. She couldn't allow that.

"He might have kill you. You are a medical officer. You never learn how to fight," said the red uniformed officer. Cassiopeia was giving him the evil eyes. He didn't even noticed it.

"I am stronger than most humans. If I have to fight him, I might have end up killing him," said Cassiopeia.

"I wish that I was given that chance. There is a human who knows the truth about us. If he reveal it, our mission to save ourselves might be in danger," said the red uniformed officer. Then, he got off the medical bed. He walked to the mirror. He looked at is reflection. He like what he saw. He like to keep it as long as possible. Then, John, an alien who can pass as a middle aged blonde male. He stopped near the officer.

"I heard about what has happen. We are taking steps to keep this human from revealing our secret. If I was you, I would transfer to another mothership. Diana would have kill you if you stayed," warned John. He gave the officer a piece of red paper.

"This is your new orders. You are to be transferred to the Apple City Mothership. You can not stay here even if it was not your fault that the human escape," said John. So, the officer went with John to his new assignment. It was a pity that this office can't stay in the Angel City Mothership, but you're not safe if Diana want you dead. Cassiopeia wished this officer luck, even if she didn't say a thing. She hoped that he will thrive at his new assignment. Whatever happen next, he would need God's help, even if he didn't want it. The end, for now.