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Thanksgiving, Cancelled By The Visitors.

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A week after the report of the scientists trying to steal from the Visitor, the Visitors has slowly took over all the governments of Earth. The news make it seem that the government were working willingly with the Visitors, but the truth was that the Visitors was capturing any leaders who resist their takeover. The Visitors took charge of everyday life, and was ruling with an iron fist.

"Did you hear about the Visitors outlawing Thanksgiving? They said that they can't risk the enemies of peace trying to use the holiday to attack them and the humans under their protection," said Alvin Tanner. The red haired boy was walking with his sister, Tammy, a red haired female.

"I don't like it, but it's for our own good. We can't let these terrorists destroy the Visitors as well as our world," said Tammy.

"I wonder how many people are going to have secret Thanksgiving celebrations. Many people are not trilled with Thanksgiving being cancelled," said Alvin. Then they saw the other members of the Visitor Youths head toward the youth center. They followed them inside. Then, Alvin saw Toni Parrish coming toward him. He left Tammy to be with her. He has like the blonde female since they were kids.

"Have you heard the news about the Visitors canceling Thanksgiving?" asked Alvin.

"I've heard it along with my parents. They couldn't believe that they decided to cancel a popular holiday," answered Toni.

"Will your parents go along with the holiday being cancelled?" asked Toni.

"No they will not. They are going to have a Thanksgiving dinner, even if they can't invite anyone to it," answered Toni.

"Don't they know that canceling this holiday is for their own good?" asked Alvin.

"They do not. The strange part of this is that I agree with them. There are going to be people celebrating Thanksgiving, even if they have to keep it a secret. People will have to go to work on Thanksgiving this year, but it won't stop them from having Thanksgiving dinner after work," said Toni. Then, Toni left to join the rest of her friends. Alvin was left alone to wonder if he should tell the visitors about the people who are going to have secret Thanksgiving dinner after going to work on Thanksgiving Day. Then, he thought that he may have to tell on his parents if they decided to have a secret Thanksgiving dinner on that day. So, he decided not to tell them what he has learned. He may not know it, but he did the right thing. The end, for now.