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The Plans Of The Bully Brothers And Running Bear

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It was the month of November somewhere in the 20th Century. Hillary Gasser, who can be mistaken for Penelope Pitstop, was getting the Los Angeles branch of the Pitstop Department Store ready for Thanksgiving. Of course the store will be closed on Thanksgiving, but the Thanksgiving sale will go on until the Wednesday before the holiday. She was unaware that she was being watched by an Indian male who goes by the name of Running Bear. He was planning to kidnap and kill Penelope Pitstop in revenge for what her father did. It may be unfair for him to do so, but he wanted Ralph Pitstop to pay for what he did. He managed to get a job at the department store, when it was opened, a few weeks back. Then, one of the Bully Brothers walked up to him.

"I bet that you plan to kill this woman," said Bully Brother One. Running Bear turned to look at him. He was surprised to see him there. He has met the Hooded Claw and the Bully Brothers before.

"What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be with the Hooded Claw?" asked Running Bear.

"We were send here by the Hooded Claw to find a way to keep this female from ruining his plans. He has the real Penelope Pitstop as his brainwashed sex slave, while this double of her is running this department store," answered Bully Brother One.

"Why haven't you kill her already?" asked Running Bear, as the second Bully Brother walked up to him. He stopped near him.

"We haven't been able to kidnap her yet. She is surrounded by a lot of people. We haven't been able to get into her office. She has been keeping it locked, even when she is inside it," answered Bully Brother Two. Then, they saw her walked to the elevator. She pressed a button and she walked in when it has arrived. The 3 went into another elevator, before they realized that they don't know what floor that she was heading for. So, they took their elevator to the top floor where the offices are. They walked out and walked toward Penelope's office. When they got there, they saw that it was locked.

"How do we get inside?" asked Running Bear. The Bully Brothers didn't know how to answer him. Then, a police officer saw them at the office of the manager. He walked toward them.

"What are you 3 doing at the office of the manager?" asked the police officer, who happen to be a brown haired male. They looked at him, and decided to walked away from the office.

"We're sorry, officer. We were trying to find the manager. We thought that she'll be here," answered Running Bear, as he and the Bully Brothers back away from the officer.

"Get out of here, before I arrest you for being what you're not supposed to be," warned the officer.They turned around and they walked slowly toward the elevator. They pressed a button, hoping to get to an elevator before the cop decided to arrest them. The elevator arrived and the door opened. The 3 went inside and the door closed. The cop was wondering if he has prevent a crime from happening. He will not know if he did. Running Bear and the Bully Brother has failed in their mission. Hillary Gasser has escaped this time, but there will be other time. All they has to do for now, is to wait. The end, for now.