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The Fake News Report On The Screen Inside The Mothership.

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Cassiopeia couldn't believe what she and the other crew members of the Angel City Mothership was seeing on the screen. There was a dark haired guy telling reporters that his fellow scientists were planning to steal from the Syrian race. They were planning to sell these stolen ideas as their own.

"Do you think that the humans will believe what they saw on their screens?" asked a male voice. Cassiopeia, who could pass a double of Grace Park, turned around to see Boomer, who could pass a double of Herb Jefferson.

"I am afraid that they will. Our people hasn't give the humans any reasons to not to trust our people," answered Cassiopeia. Of course, she was lying about being a Syrian. She was in reality, a Number Eight model human form Cylon. She looked around the screening room to see the reaction from the other crew members. Some of them were pleased to see it. It mean that things are going as planned. Others seem to be worried. These guys are worried that things might backfire on their people. There are those who knows that what their people are doing are wrong. The Syrians has been on the planet Eden for an Eden mouth so far. They has fooled the humans of the planet Eden into believing that the Syrians are from a lost tribe of Kobol. Then she heard that the Syrian people are going to help the planet's many governments in finding out about the plans to steal from the Syrian 'tribe'. Cassiopeia try to hide her angers from the other Syrians in the room. Then, the screen went dark. A alien disguised as a dark haired male came in front of the now dark screen. He took the mike and put in to his mouth.

"The plan to take this planet from these humans is going as planned. We has put the fear of the scientists into the mind of these dumb animals. Any human who tried to stop us will be either killed or put into storage. The humans will be our food and our enslaved soldiers. Our enemies won't stand a chance against them," said the dark haired male who went by the human name of Steven. Many of the crew clapped their hands. They were so happy that they didn't noticed the small numbers who didn't. Cassiopeia took it as a cue to get out of the room. So she did just that. Boomer followed her outside.

"You do not approve of the clapping," said Boomer. Cassiopeia turned to looked at him. She was giving him the evil eye. He smiled at her, hoping to soften her moods a little bit.

"You are right. The humans have many enemies that our people does not know about. These enemies might turned against us if we managed to enslave the human race. It does not help us that Earth, as the humans there called it, isn't the only planet with humans on it. If the other tribe of humanity find out what our people are doing to the humans of the Eden tribe, they might decided to attack us. If that happen, we might not stand a chance. I have no idea on what to do if that happen," said Cassiopeia. Then, she walked away from Boomer, leaving him alone with his own thoughts. The end, for now.