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Steven Want A Favor From Diana.

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Steven walked into the office of the science officer, Diana. Diana didn't notice him come in. She was working on a project, that if successful, would allow her people put more humans into storage.

"I need to talk to you, Diana," echoed Steven. Diana turned to look at him. She wasn't happy to see him.

"What do you want, Steven? I am working on something that would allow us to put more humans into storage," explained Diana. She didn't think much about Steven' mental state. She believe him to be stupid.

It's about an officer named Starbuck. He does not take his job seriously. He see our mission as a joke," said Steven. Diana hasn't met Starbuck yet, but she heard about him. He looked like a blond male human. She knew that he's popular with his fellow officers.

"If it will make you feel good, I will talk with him," promised Diana. She will do anything to get him to leave her alone.

"That is all I ask for," said Steven, before he left Diana's office. She decided to talk to this Starbuck when her work hours are over. She hope that it won't be a waste of her time.

Soon, Diana walked into the common dining room. She saw Starbuck making a joke. The other off duty officers laugh at him. She walked toward him. She stopped near him. She saw the other officers get away from the table. Soon, it was Starbuck who sat alone at the table.

"How can I help you, Diana?" asked the blond officer. Diana was shocked to hear him questioning her or offering help. It was the reaction that Starbuck wanted. Diana sat down at the table.

"Steven has told me that you do not take this mission seriously. Our survival depend on this mission be a success," answered Diana to Starbuck.

"I am surprised that Steven think I am a threat. Do you see me as a threat?" asked Starbuck. Diana was shocked to see Starbuck asked that question. She felt that she has to defend herself.

"You have not messed up, yet. You gave no reason for me to see you as a threat, but if you are a threat, I will do anything to make sure that this mission is a success. I hope that you understand me," said Diana.

"Oh. I understand you. You should know that if you become a threat to my having a future, I will do what I must to make sure that i have a future," said Starbuck. Then, he got up, walked away from Diana, pretending that he hasn't talk to her. As she saw Starbuck leave the common dining room, she felt that Starbuck has treated her as a nonsense. She couldn't prove it, but she believe that Starbuck see her as an enemy. She doesn't know how right she is. It will be a while before she will find out, but that is another story for another time. The end, for now.