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One Foot In Front of the Other

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Arriving in the no longer Lost City of Atlantis had been a little more exciting than she had originally anticipated, but the day had been saved thanks to a crazy outside the box idea by the resident head grunt in charge and then executed by the Head of Science. It had caused her, the two crazy people in question, and everyone else onboard the Daedalus, including those who had been beamed up there for medical reasons, to get much closer to the sun than she was comfortable with. Especially since it was gearing up to destroy the planet below them.

It had been interesting to watch the interaction between Colonel Caldwell and Colonel Sheppard, the latter being responsible for said side trip a little too close to Lantea's sun, but she wasn't entirely sure if Sheppard had really seen her. He had noticed her presence when he first arrived on the bridge, but had then summarily ignored her for the mission. Experience had taught her that you can look straight at someone without actually seeing them if you don't have a good reason, and they don't pose a threat. She was petite and harmless looking, it had served her well against both humans and monsters over the years. It usually made people underestimate her, even if they knew what she was capable of.

The Atlantis Military Commander was a problem for another day, however, and she was more interested in the brief guided tour she was getting from Major Evan Lorne. The City, she could hear the capital 'C' every time someone referred to Atlantis, was beautiful. All blues and greys, and colorful windows. It was a beautiful but simple aesthetic.

Very early the next morning found her in the gym doing katas when she heard the door swishing open and admitting two people. Her eyes were closed to block out any visual stimuli, allowing her other senses to pick up the slack while she moved slowly through the practiced movements. One set belonged to a tall man that moved lightly, clearly used to making as little sound as possible. The other set belonged to a woman, whose feet moved with even less sound. Their pulse and heartbeat were relaxed.

Both of them stopped momentarily when they spotted her, before moving closer to the nearest wall to stay out of her way while she finished her set. She appreciated the concession, it wasn't a courtesy everyone allowed themselves.

Some five minutes later she rose to her full height and turned gracefully to face the two other early risers. She smiled. "Good morning." The two people in front of her were the Pegasus half of Colonel Sheppard's team. She'd been given a huge amount of files when she had agreed to cross galaxies, but some of them had been marked more important than others. The upper leadership, Colonel Sheppard's team, Major Lorne's team, and certain scientists had been among those.

The woman gave her a friendly smile in return, "Good morning. I do not believe we met." She inclined her head. "I am Teyla Emmagan and this is Ronon Dex." She looked at the very, very tall man beside her and gave him a smile as well, and got a bare uplift of the corner of his mouth. Her lust bunnies had approved of the man's picture when she had first seen it, but he was so much more attractive in person. He didn't look like her approved as much of her.

"Buffy Summers," she replied easily. "I came on the Daedalus yesterday."

"Are you a marine or a scientist?"

"Neither. I'm a martial arts expert." That got the attention of tall and handsome who gave her a much closer inspection than he had before. "Hand-to-hand and melee weaponry. I'm here to assess every one." Buffy tagged the last part on, more as a safety measure than anything else. It's what the official paperwork said was her reason for being in another galaxy.

Teyla's eyes narrowed a little, "Are we under evaluation of some kind?"

"Yes. The higher-ups have decided that since Atlantis is often either under attack, suspected to be under attack, or people are simply waiting for it. Everyone needs to be able to defend themselves. Everyone will have to go through a basic self-defense class to learn how to defend themselves. Those who are interested or have the skill set can apply for the more advanced classes later." In her maybe not-so-humble opinion, that should've been done before they even left Earth the first time.

"Everyone will also need to learn how to shoot a handgun." Buffy wrinkled her nose at that. Even now she didn't like guns, but she had no problem using them if she had to. "Everyone also has to attend regular classes to keep active and to ensure no one ends up in a situation they can't handle."

Ronon Dex finally spoke, "About time." Then added, "Are you here to check on us now?"

Buffy couldn't help smiling up at him. "No, it doesn't start until next week. Dr. Weir will make an announcement. There's a schedule and everything."

Both of them nodded before Teyla asked another question. "What were you doing when we arrived?"

"Tai chi." Off both of their blank looks, she added, "It's a form of moving meditation. It helps clear my mind in a way the normal navel-gazing kind of meditation can't since sitting still so isn't my thing." She gave a little wry smile. "It also helps with balance and flexibility."

The two aliens looked at each other with some slight amusement and hope. "Do you teach that, too?"

"Um, I wasn't planning on it. Why?"

Teyla took over the explanation. "I have been attempting to teach Ronon meditation. However, he," and she gave him a meaningful look before returning her gaze to Buffy, "keep falling asleep."

Buffy laughed lightly. "Ah. Completely understandable. But, sure. I can teach both of you if you'd like." It would give her an easy in when she tried asking if Teyla could teach her that stick fighting thing she'd read about.

"Not today though. I have meetings. Lots of them. Introductions and a more thorough tour of the City than the one Major Lorne gave me last night."

"Shall we meet you here tomorrow morning? Perhaps half an hour earlier?"

"Sure. I'll see you tomorrow."

They said their goodbyes and Buffy left to get a quick shower and change before meeting Dr. Weir, Colonel Sheppard, and all of the Department Heads to discuss... well she wasn't exactly what they were going to discuss, but she was sure it was going to be a long meeting. Then she would have the 'joy' of telling them why she was in Atlantis. Somehow she didn't think they would appreciate it as much as the two Pegasus natives had.