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A Number Ten Cylon And Her Dog.

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It was a cold night on the planet Caprica. A Number Ten model, who look like a brown haired human human was walking home from her job. She thought about how the day has been good. She was able to get most of her work done for the day. Now, she is heading home where her pet dag is waiting for her. She thought about the careless human that left the golden furred male dog behind. She get angry when she thought how the humans hasn't take their pets with them; Sure some of them are now dead, but there are humans who could have taken their pets with them, when they fled the 12 colony planets. These animals still need someone to take care of them. She could work for the full 6 days before falling asleep on the seventh day, but it wouldn't do her adapted pet any good for her to do so. Soon, she was at her place where she live. She walked up the stair to the apartment where she live with her adapted pet. Then, she took out her key from her pants pocket. She used the key to unlock the door. Then she opened the door and went inside. She heard an excited bark. Then, she saw her golden furred male dog coming toward her. He jumped on her causing her to fall to the floor. Then, he licked her face to show how excited he is to see her.

"Come on, boy. Please get off me. So, I can feed you," said the Number Ten model taken care of the dog. He got off and she got up. After closing the door to keep her pet from fleeing, she walked to the kitchen to get him, his food. She put it on his dish and he ate it all up. As a Cylon, she didn't need to eat as much as a human. So, she watched as he ate his food. She saw how happy he was after he finished eating. He looked up to her. She gave him a chew stick to show how pleased she was to see him. As he chewed on it, the still unnamed Number Ten look at him. He has forgotten the humans who left him behind. He has found someone who will take care of him. It was the only thing that matter to him. He doesn't care if she's human or a human form Cylon. He only care that he being taken care of. That make him very happy. The end for now.