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Crowley watched quietly as the cameras on Curiosity blinked off for the last time. A quick snap shielded the rover from prying eyes. To the knowledge of the humans, the rover would spend the rest of time sitting silent and still on the Martian landscape. Perseverance and Zhurong would know however.

They had seen him the first time he had shown up on the red planet. Hell had just given him another stupid commendation for something the humans had come up with on their own. He just wanted a little time to clear his head. He had spent a few sols wandering around with the rovers, poking around at the rocks on the landscape and watching the stars.

Now that Curiosity was no longer operational, Crowley ran a hand over the metal frame of the rover. With a wave of his hand, the dust floated off of the rover. Each little ding and dent popped out to leave the rover back in pristine condition. The generator wouldn't need to rely on the radiation of the planet to power the rover any longer. If Crowley could imagine his Bentley running for decades without needing fuel or maintenance, he could imagine the rover running for the rest of time without needing a power source. Crowley's imagination was all the power source it would ever need.

Curiosity raised her camera to look at Crowley. She had a new understanding beyond her initial programming. She snapped a picture that will be stored in her newly unlimited memory banks. Somehow she knew she'd be allowed to explore beyond the reaches of her original mission.

Crowley smiled at the rover. “Go explore. Let me know if you find anything interesting.” He nodded over toward the crater where Perseverance and Zhurong currently watching them from a distance. “I'll be back when it's time for them to join you.”