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Hydra Nation

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Steve Rogers, also known as Hydra Commander was watching the news. He didn't like how America is been seen as a weak country. The other nations are either laughing or worrying about what is happening to the once great country. He couldn't believe believe that 81 millions Americans voted for this guy. He has caused more damage to America than the last president did. America's enemies are being embolden by this useless dolt of a president. Trump may have been unlikeable, but countries that are hostile to America were afraid of him. They are not afraid of Joe Biden. Many people believe that he isn't in control of this country. He thought about the clone who called himself, Captain America. His spies has told him that he doesn't have any faith in this country anymore. He has managed to stay in hiding since he escaped from prison. He hasn't attacked because he knew that Trump would have called the Avengers or the Fantastic Four to stop him. He was getting fed up with Joe Biden making America a laughing stock. It's time for action. He got up and pressed a button.

"We need to have a meeting. It's time to attack the Capital," said Hydra Commander. After all this tome, he's planning to take this country over.

Meanwhile in the city of Washington DC, it was 7 PM at the White House. It was Joe Biden's bedtime as his wife, Jill walked into the Oral Office.

"Do you want your hot chocolate, Joey?" asked Jill, in a calm and sweet voice.

"Yes, I do," said Joe. So, Jill went to the kitchen to get his hot chocolate. She walked to a microwave, and opened it. Then, she went to the fridge and took out a carton of milk. She got a cup and pour the milk into it. She left room to put the coco powder into the milk. She took out a spoon and stir it until the milk was chocolatey. Then, she put the chocolate milk into the microwave. She shut the door and put it on for 2 minutes. When it was done, she took it out of the microwave and serve it to her husband. She walked into the Oral Office and gave him the cup of hot chocolate. Then, he drank it.

"It's time for bed, Joey," said Jill, when he was done with the milk. So, he let Jill led him to his bedroom. Once he was in his bedroom, she change his clothes and put on his pajama. Then, she lay him down on his bed and put the covers over his body. Once the cover over his body, she walked to the door.

"Good night, Joey," said Jill, as she left the room. She walked back to the Oral Office. She knew that her husband would soon fall asleep. She sat down at the desk, and looked at the papers on the desk. She read though them. She knew that Joe will have to sign them, even if he doesn't know what on them. She can't wait for him to die, so Kalama Harris could officially become the new president. Then, she got a buzzing. She pressed the intercom lever on.

"What is it?" asked Jill, puzzled over when the buzzing went on at this time.

"There is a group of men wearing green and yellow costumes attacking the Capital Building. It's like January 6th again," said the male voice from the other side of the intercom. He sounded like he was worrying.

"What has happen to the gate?" asked Jill, wondering why the gate isn't stopping them. She wasn't pleased to get the message.

"They are destroying the gate. They are about to break into the Capital," said the male voice from the other side of the intercom. He has a good reason to be worried. To be continued.