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Campanella felt playful enough to run out of his home in search of his friend. Daylight was scarce now, it'd be the perfect moment for what he had in mind. It wasn't going to be easy to convince him, but it'd sure be worth it.

When he finally reached his home, he felt the pang of betrayal. He wasn't home and Campanella had no choice but to enter his friend's home so he could talk to his mother, maybe she knew where he was.

It was still too soon for autumn leaves to fall, but the moon in the sky and the stars would look just as beautiful. The sky retained that strange color of change, something between the yellow of the last sunray and the dark blue of the night.

Campanella barely sat down on the bench outside of Giovanni's when he was startled by a noise giving him the push of a jump. When he calmed down, he saw Giovanni laughing, quite the rare sight for him to behold. He was usually gloomy and in despair, something Campanella wouldn't blame on him, giving his dire circumstances. And unless he could find a magical way of changing them, he should remain quiet about that part. Even then, he thought Giovanni's life was lucky, in a way. And as his father had told him "time will heal every wound".

Campanella joined him, laughing after Giovanni; sitting on the fallen tree behind the bench. It was no good idea to fight over something so small.

His guardian angel would agree. Friends were to be there with you when you're lost, a helping hand. Friends were for comfort, not for anger and sadness.

When they calmed down, Campanella guided Giovanni to the hill. Giovanni didn't like to go, especially at night, but Campanella could convince his friend telling him it was a test of bravery. They ran after the other, until making it to the imaginary finish line.

Campanella thought of this night as a gift for his good friend. It'd be a shame if he didn't like it.

His negative thought processes were wrong though, if the light in Giovanni's eyes was any indication. It was queer, seeing him so amazed while only watching the stars. Campanella wanted that strength, of being truthful to his feelings regardless of his hardships.

They stayed there until it was time to sleep. If it were for Campanella, he'd stood watch all night so as Giovanni could dream in that place as long as he wanted. Yet, he knew he wasn't that brave when the power went out over the city.

But unbeknownst to Campanella, Giovanni still considered him his number one.