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Baltar's Secret That He Just Found Out About.

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He has been trapped on this planet for what seem to be a week. He did a lot of work trying to keep himself alive until he get rescued. He was hoping that it won't be humans or Cylons rescuing him. He feel ashamed of helping the Cylons with hurting his own people. As he goes though his past, he realized how he could be still alive. He strike his stomach and felt metal there. He couldn't believe it. He's human, or is he? As he remembered how he managed to still be alive, he suddenly remembered is head being removed from his body. Then, he remembered facing the next Imperious Leader telling that he was spared to help find the humans for them. Then, he heard a sound near his camp. He ran to see 2 Silver Warrior and a Golden Commander.

"It's good to see you again, Baltar," said the Golden Commander. Baltar remembered that he met this Golden Commander twice before. The first time as a kid when he betrayed his father, and a second time when he make that offer that cause him to help end the thousand years war.

"I know you. We met before. I got something to tell you. I'm not a Cylon," protested Baltar. The Golden Commander looked at him before knocking him out. Much later, Baltar woke up inside a Basestar. The Golden Commander looked down at him. Baltar was lying on a stab.

"You are right, Baltar. You are not a Cylon. You're no longer a human since we place your human head onto a metal body. You're now a Cyborg. There is no longer a need to keep the truth about yourself anymore. You rejected your humanity long ago. Now, it's time to accept the truth that you has found out," said the Golden Commander. Then, the golden commander left the room. Baltar got up from the stab where he has woken up. He walked around the room. He felt angry. He didn't know who he was angry toward. Was he angry toward himself for believing he was still fully human, or was he angry toward the Cylons who allow him to believe that? As he thought this though, he began to think clearly. He was still having trouble accepting that he's no longer a human, but he remembered what gotten him there. He remembered how the Cylons kept their words toward him when he was a child. He remembered that he denied his loyalty toward his own people for many years. Maybe he should accept that he's still alive because they turned him into a cyborg. His hatred toward his own people has been earned though what he went though as a child. The humans are not his people and neither are the Cylons. He can work with them for now, but when the time come, he will find a way to create a race of cyborgs like himself. He can't wait for that to happen, no matter how long it will take. The end, for now.