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The Failed Attacker.

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It was June 1981. Diane Hallow was walking with the woman known as Donna Troy. It's not her real name. She has forgotten her real name. She have no memories of her life, before she ended up in New York, a few weeks back.

"Do you remember being here before?" asked Diane. Donna looked around. She has been here for a few weeks now, but she has no memories of being in New York before.

"I have this feeling that I never visit this city before I came here a few weeks before. You and Athena has been helpful to me for the past few weeks," said Donna. Diane have never met this dark haired female before. She doesn't know how to help her regain her lost memories.

"Wish that i could do more. I have this feeling that Athena know more about you than I do," admitted Diane. What the two women are unaware of, was that they were being watched by a man who want to do harm to them. He has red hair and he wore a brown shirt and pants. He knew that those two women didn't see him. So, he decided to attack them. He rushed toward them. Then, he got the shock of his life. When he attacked them, they turned the table on him. They send him down on the ground. Soon, diane was on top of him.

"Why did you tried to attack us? Did you not know that we will defend ourselves?" demanded Diane. He looked up at these two women. They were stronger than they looked.

"You will never find out. I will never tell who hired me to attack you," said the defeated attacker. Diane lifted him up and took him to a policeman. She stopped near him.

"This man tried to attack us. We defended ourselves. Please send him to jail," said Diane. The policeman took the red haired male from Diane. He took him to a police car and put him in the back seat. Then, he got into the front seat and drove off.

"What is it about? Why did he try to attack us?" asked Donna.

"I don't know. I think that we're being tested. I have no idea what for," admitted Diane.

"We may need to tell Athena," suggested Donna.

"I have to agree with you," said Diane. So, the two women walked toward where Athena lived. She may have the answer, or so they hoped. The end, for now.