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A Talk About The Last Few Weeks

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Diana wasn't happy over what has happen. The Los Angeles Resistance got the best of her again. Lydia has been gloating over how she failed the Leader again. She thought about what has happen during the last few weeks since she came back to Earth, after escaping from being killed by the Leader. She thought about her adventures in New Orleans when she went after the New Orleans Resistance. While she has managed to kill a few members of that group, the top dog of that group managed to escape. When she learn about Silveriod attempt to kill her sister and daughter, she went after him. Killing that cyborg with the metal body and human brain wasn't easy to do, but the Los Angeles Resistance didn't make it easy for her to do so. Silveriod managed to escape from being killed by her or by the Los Angeles Resistance who has it for him as well. While she was lost in thoughts, her sister, Juliet, walked into the room.

"Money for your thoughts," said Juliet. Diana turned to see how much her younger sister remind her of the believe to be dead Julie Parrish. She may look like her, but she has acted sweeter toward her.

"I'm thinking about what has happen to me since I came back to Earth," said Diana.

"Brenda wanted me to stay on Earth. Toni agreed to accompanied Kimberly to the Leader's Spacelab. I was unaware that she was the female lightlander who has used my human 'double' as her host," defended Juliet.

"You knew that she was a female lightlander and you agree to let her go with Kimberly. I am glad that she did not see her as an enemy," accused Diana. She started pacing back and forth. Juliet could see that Diana wasn't thinking clearly.

"I did as what I thought was good for all of us. You invited us to visit you, and I couldn't leave Earth. Toni agreed to go with Kimberly to visit you. I did not expect her to turn on you and get you in trouble with the Leader. I do not want to be your enemy. I am trying to save our people from our enemies. I will do anything to make sure that our people will have a future. The humans has become that threat to our people having a future. If we conquer the humans, they will one day will destroy us. I hope to prevent that from happening. Let us hope that we will find a way for both our people and the humans to have a future," said Juliet. Then, she left the room, leaving Diana alone with her own dark thoughts. If she have any idea of what would happen, she would be very worried about her future. She has no idea of what would happen. So, she's not worried at all. The end, for now.