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The happiest a man can be

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"My girl! How's my girl? And the baby?! Are they okay?"

Joseph barely entered the hospital before he started shouting, pushing some patients and nurses out of the way.

"Sir, please calm down, you're disrupting the other patients." A doctor told him, signaling toward the desk. "You can ask over there, they'll show you in the right direction."

Joseph gritted his teeth, otherwise obeying the orders.

Another nurse showed him the way to the private room where Holly was staying. The nurse also told him that he should wait for visitor hours to begin. He had no choice but to sit down and wait for his turn to see his daughter.


Hours seemed to run by the clock, even though he only waited for an hour or so. He was desperate, he thought he would be in time to accompany her daughter during labor, but the goddamned plane had to make an emergency stop. It was only in those rare moments when he thought about moving to Japan. But the place was so sober and boring... He'd rather spend his days and nights in the USA.

"Damn it! If only Holly had fallen in love with a Canadian or something."

Joseph mumbled under his breath when a doctor entered his daughter's room. That alarmed him more than he was willing to admit.

"Oh no, Holly! Is she alright? Someone! Say something!"

Joseph banged on the private room, until a very angry doctor stopped him with a raging glare. 

"Fine." Joseph muttered, "But know that this is the last time I bring anyone to this hospital." 


Five minutes later, the Japanese doctor signaled for him to enter, since he didn't understand a word of what she said to him. All his complaints vanished when he saw his daughter. Her bright smile, her tired yet happy demeanor, her whole being, she glowed by just sitting there. And, it was even better, while holding the small bulge in her arms. A light green blanket, enveloping his grandkid, the new light in both their eyes.

Joseph couldn't stop flailing his arms around. Asking the doctor had been a futile effort, but Holly was probably tired and he didn't want to burst her small bubble of unending happiness. Yet, he couldn't stop himself. 

"Holly! Are you okay? Is... Are they healthy? No, are they okay? The baby..." 

"Daddy..." Holly's eyes watered and he panicked.

He saw red for a second, remembering then that this wasn't about him, but his baby girl. 

"Holly, baby, it's okay, it'll be okay. Anything you need, anything..." 

"No, daddy, it's just..." Holly sniffed, holding the baby closer. She kissed the bundle of a blanket, and motioned for Joseph to step closer. Then, with a trembling voice, she simply said "he's too beautiful."

Joseph cried with only those words. 

"Oh, baby girl! Of course he's beautiful, he's your son! My grandchild! The universe would be wrong if anyone said otherwise!" 

Holly handed the baby to him, and even though he was still a little too... Something, he knew deep down he was beautiful. 

"Ah, my baby boy! You handsome boy! You're perfect, just like your mother. I can't wait for the adventures we will have together when you grow up! My big boy!" 

Holly reclaimed her baby and Joseph gave it back to her before sitting down. He was too happy to see them both fine and well, so happy, he couldn't help but cry a little as well. 

"Yes, I can't wait."