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Humanforms, A Mystery For Diana

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Diana looked thought the transfer slips of the officers who left the Los Angeles Mothership for the New York Mothership. She couldn't believe that Supreme Commander Pamela gave her that assignment to check those slips. It should been given to an officer who rack lower than her. She was pleased to see the names of the 3 officers who let the invader take the body of the now dead human prisoner. Then, she was shocked to see the name of Starbuck on one of the slips. She remembered killing that guy. How could his name be on one of the slips. She walked to the intercom and pressed a button.

"Brian, come to my office. I need to talk to you," ordered Diana, in an angry voice. A few minutes later, he walked into the office. He has a nervous look on his face.

"Why is Starbuck's name on one of the slips. I has him killed for not taking his duties seriously," said Diana, in an angry voice. Brian knew that he was in trouble. She should have know that Starbuck was at the trail sitting among the officers watching the trail. He never told her about the mind trick that Starbuck has played on her.

"He could have been someone else. There are many officers who we never learn the name of. He could have been another officer given that Earth name," excused Brian. Diana looked at him. Brian could have been right. She has never learned the Earth name of every officers on this ship. She never learn the name of the former CMO of this ship. She hasn't even learn the name of the recent CMO as well.

"I will take your word for it right now. If I found out that you has lied to me, you will be dead," warned Diana. She got up and slammed her hands on her desk. Brian took it as a cue to get out of here. So he did just that, leaving Diana alone with her own dark thoughts. The end, for now.