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The Trail

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There was sadness at the landing bay of the Los Angeles Mothership. The shuttle from the New York Mothership has arrived and landed. The door opened and 3 human disguised officers came out. Martin, Cassiopeia, the former dark haired head CMO, along with Shelly and Philip was waiting on the landing.

"Thank you for saving my life and the lives of 2 of my co-worker, Philip," said Martin. as he put his right hand on Philip's right shoulder.

"It was the lord of light that save the 3 of you. I thought the judge would have send the 3 of you to death, if she has not appear," said Philip.

"The Kobolian may have change the judge's mind when her actions in the courtroom," said Shelly. Martin let go of Philip's shoulder. It was time to go. Then, Starbuck walked into the sickbay. He stopped near the 5.

"I have been transfer to the New York Mothership as well. I will be going with you," said Starbuck. He was about to enter the shuttle, when someone who could passed as a young Faye Grant came out of the shuttle. She stopped next to Philip and Shelly.

"My name is Toni. I am the new medical officer for this mothership," introduced Toni. She gave out her right hand to Shelly. She took it. Then, she let go of it.

"Come with me. I will show you where it is," offered Shelly. Took took the offer and followed her out of the landing bay.

"Good luck, brother. I hope to see you again in the future. I will be taking the shuttle back to our home planet," said Philip. Martin didn't know what to say, as he entered the shuttle to the New York Mothership, with Cassiopeia, Starbuck, and the former head CMO. Soon, they were inside. The door closed and the shuttle lifted to take the 4 officers to their new life on the New York Mothership. The end, for now.