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The Trail

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Inside the New York Mothership, a blonde female known only as Toni watched with the other officers of that ship, the video about the upcoming trail taken place on the Los Angeles Mothership. It mentioned that the 3 officers are on trail for failing to do their duty. It mentioned that Inspector General Philip is their defense. Toni remembered how she managed to get into the New York Mothership by pretending to come from the arriving Fifty First Mothership. She was able to fool everyone in this mothership. What the other officers doesn't know, was that she was a disguised female lightlander that was once trapped inside the mind of the now dead Julie Parrish. She knew that she need to get to the Los Angeles mothership, if she's going to help Julie's friends in the Los Angeles Resistance. She just need to figure out on how to get there.

Meanwhile in a office in the Los Angeles Mothership, Diana was pacing back and forth. She wasn't happy. She wanted to punish those 3 officers who has failed the Leader. Steven was with her.

"You need to calm down, Diana. I am going to try to convince the judge to punish them for their failure," said Steven. Diana stopped pacing.

"How are you going to do that, Steven?" asked Diana. She gave him the evil eye. It unnerved Steven for a while, but he later recovered.

"The trail is tomorrow. I will prepare a statement about their lack of duty for letting that invader take the dead body of that prisoner. The video from the sickbay will be proof number one," said Steven.

"What will be proof number two? That video will also show my failure in stopping the invader," said Diana.

"You need to have faith in me. I will mention that you did try to stop the invader. The other 3 in the room did not," reminded Steven.

"Those 3 must be punished for their failures," said Diana.

"They will be. Even if the Inspector General find a way to spare their lives, I will have them exiled from this ship," promised Steven. Diana didn't know if Steven could keep that promise.

"Daniel would want to be at that trail. After what Cassiopeia did to him, he would want to see her be punished," said Diana. Then she left the office. Steven couldn't help but to think things won't be the same after the trail. He was right about that. To be continued.