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A Visit From An Old Ally

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Diana couldn't believe what Jon was telling her. She couldn't believe that she will be marrying Robert Witman. She has defeated him when she was still Wonder Woman.

"Are you telling me that I will marry Robert Witman. I can't believe it," said Diana. She paced back and forth. She didn't want to believe it.

"You're trapped inside the body of Perfecta, his creation. She was programed to love him. She will gladly give her body to him. She will gladly bear his children for him. .As long as you're in that body, you belong to him," started Jon.

"You called me, Doctor Witman. How will that happen?" asked Diana. She wanted to know. She knew that without her Amazon powers, like it or not, she need Robert's protection, and she doesn't like it.

"A few months from now your fellow Amazons will come to bring you to your mother. You will go with them and be taught how to be a healer. After learning how to be a healer, you will return to him to become his equal partner as a doctor and his wife. You will stay with him until his death. That is all i'm allow to reveal to you now," finished Jon. Then, Robert, a blonde male came into the office.

"Who is he and why is he here?" asked Robert. He looked at Jon, Skids, and Perfecta. Perfecta walked toward him and put her arms around his body. She was using her trust powers on him.

"His name is Jon Michael Carter, and he came to reveal things about my future, my love. One day I will be your loyal wife and a fellow doctor as well. My place is at your side. I will never leave you. We belong together," answered Perfecta. Jon knew that it was Perfecta that was talking to Robert. Perfecta love Robert and will do anything to please him as she was programed to. He walked out of the office. Skids went with him.

"Things has gone well. I think that Rip will be pleased," said Skids. He was talking about Rip Hunter, who has sent them to talk to Diana aka Perfecta.

"Everything has work out as it should. I gave Diana hope for the future. Sooner or later she will accept that she meant to be his sexual partner. When she does, she will become his equal and Robert will protect her from any enemies that might came after her. It's time to go," answered Jon. So the two left the office of Robert Witman, knowing that they has helped Diana accept her future as his wife and life partner. It all that they could do for now. The end, for now.