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A Visit From An Old Ally

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A month has passed since the death of the first body of Wonder Woman. Hera has planted the spirit of Wonder Woman into the body of Perfecta, the creation of Robert Witman, who was once the super villain known as Mindcaster. During the day she was his helpful nurse. At night, she was his sex doll. She has been sleeping with him for about a month. He never found out that Perfecta carried the mind of the foe who has defeated him once. She never told him who she really was. She has no plan to do so for the future.

"Are you ready, Booster?" asked Skids. The blonde male looked at his companion. Skids shouldn't used his codename while he's wearing civilian clothes. They were outside the office of Robert Witman. They has a mission to find the future Ms. Diana Witman to give out a message.

"As ready as I could be, Skids. Call me by my real name when we're inside," said the blonde male who real name is Jon Michael Carter. The two walked into the waiting room of the office. They saw that there were people who gotten there before they did. A dark haired female in a nurse uniform came out and said someone's name. The person called walked toward her and went inside the office. Jon waited for almost a hour, until the nurse noticed him. She walked toward him.

"What are you doing here, Jon?" asked the nurse. She did not look happy to see him.

"I come here to see you, Doctor Witman," answered Jon. The answer caught her off guard. Perfecta couldn't believe that the alter-ego of Booster Gold would come here to see her. Then she saw the other people in the waiting room.

"You and Skids are coming with me," ordered Perfecta. The two followed her to an empty office. She shut the door behind them. Then, she balled her fists.

"Please, calm down Diana. I have not come here to fight you. I know about your power to make people trust you. Mindcaster gave it to your second body to protect his creation," said Jon. He raised both of his hands to show he's not an enemy. Diana lower her arms.

"What do you want?" asked Diana aka Perfecta. She was no longer showing her anger. Jon felt Perfecta using her trust me power on him. It has the same effect as her golden lasso of truth.

"I came here to reveal some stuff about your future as the wife of Robert Witman," answered Jon. To be continued.