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Kara's Leaving The Planet Eden.

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It has been 2 weeks since Kara Thrace has joined the Los Angeles Resistance. She has helped the Los Angeles Resistance in their fight against the Visitors. Now, they were planning to destroyed one of their food processing plants.

"Do you think that we'll destroy this plant?" asked Mike Donovan, a brown haired human who remind her of Lee Adama. Kara wished that she has an answer for him.

"Those alien lizards won't know what hit them," said Elias. Kara smiled when she heard that. Those alien (to her) humans wanted to get those alien lizards off their planet. Considering their treatment of the humans of this planet, she doesn't blame them.

"Let hit them where it hurt," said Ham Tyler, who remind Kara of a younger Saul Tigh. He went toward the food processing plant, being followed by Kara, Donovan, Elias, and 4 other humans. Ham lifted his gun at the locked door. He released bullets that destroy the lock, allowing the humans to open the door. All 7 humans went inside. It was quiet. Then, blue laser shots start attacking the 7 humans. For some reason, the shots missed the humans. Kara wondered why the shots keep missing the human invaders. Then, she saw it.

"It's a trap. They has a bomb taped to a wall," warned Kara. Kara aimed her gun at the Visitor shock trooper. They strike its target. The other humans shot at the rest of the Visitor shock troopers. They ran as soon the shock trooper was killed by the anti- armor bullets. They didn't noticed Kara being removed by a flash of white light. She was no longer on the planet. The others got out as the building got destroyed by an explosion. There was nothing left of the building. They looked around. Kara wasn't with them.

"Where is she?" asked Mike.

"I don't know, Gooder. We might return to our headquarters to see if she's there," suggested Ham. So the 6 remaining humans walked back to their headquarter.

"Where is Kara?" asked Robin Maxwell. She noticed that the group has one less human.

"I have no idea. The building we attacked was a trap for us. Kara might have teleported out, but she hasn't returned here. We're hoping that she's be here," answered Mike. He looked around. Kara wasn't there. What has happen to her. He hoped that she's still alive. What he didn't know, was that Kara was returned to the Ship Of Lights. Soon, they will put her into another viper which would returned her to the colonial fleet. The end, for now.