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The Baby Boys Of The Amazons

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Antonio gave some thoughts to Diana's question. She still have some feeling toward Marcus. Does it matter that it might have been planted on her?

"I have no idea. There is a part of me that still wanted to please Marcus. I has to give my body to him and become his wife. I can't help that. I don't know what to do," confessed Antonio.

"You should give in to your desires and mate with Marcus. I knew him while I was Doctor Witman's student. You are lucky to be his woman," said Julie. Diana couldn't believe that Julie wanted Antonio to belong to Marcus. On the other hand, she knew that Marcus is a good man in his heart. He care about his fellow humans. That what make him a good doctor.

"I can't say that you should do. It's your choice, Antonio," said Diana. Then, Marcus came back into the nursery.

"I managed to find new parents for these babies. They should be here in a few hours," said Marcus. Diana knew that he was happy with his news.

"We need to talk about our future as a couple, Marcus," said Antonio.

"Do we still have a future as a couple, after what you have learned?" asked Marcus.

"I still do. That why we need to talk about it," answered Antonio. So the two of them left the room. Diana turned to Julie. Diana remembered that Julie has a lot of promise as a doctor before she followed her mother's footstep as an enemy of Wonder Woman.

"Am I going back to Transformation Island?" asked Julie. Diana was shocked to hear that question.

"You have proven yourself to me that you can be trusted. If you take my offer, you can assist me in my job as a doctor," said Diana.

"I'm glad that you have trust me in sending the babies to the outside world. I'm going to make you proud of me," promised Julie. She have planned to keep that promise. Losing the trust of her old teacher has shamed her more that her being taken to Transformation Island. There is still a part of her that wanted to have revenge against Wonder Woman, but that can wait. Her first mistake was trying to kill Wonder Woman. She won't make that mistake the next time. If there is a next time, she will make Wonder Woman her sex slave and end her superheroing carrer, maybe forever. It's just a matter of time. The end, for now.