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The Baby Boys Of The Amazons

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The doctors and nurses of Washington General Hospital was surprised to see Diana Prince Witman, a dark haired female, Julie Chapple, a blonde female, and Antonio, a red haired Amazon, rushed into the hospital. They were carrying 4 babies each on their arms. All the babies were wrapped into blue blankets.

"We need to get these babies into the nursery as fast as we can," said Diana. The doctors and nurses got out of their way as Diana led the other 2 females to the nursery.

"What is happening here?" asked the brown skinned female in charge of the nursery as the 3 women opened the door to the nursery. They put each baby boy into an empty basket. Soon, the 3 women were done.

"I'm asking again. What is happening here?" repeated the brown skinned female in charge of the nursery. She couldn't believe what she was looking at.

"These 12 baby boys has been rejected by their mothers. Their mothers killed their fathers. So they have no one to look after them. We need to find new parents for these boys," answered Diana. Then, Marcus, a brown haired male rushed into the nursery. He was one of Diana's fellow doctors.

"What have I heard about 3 women and the babies wrapped into blue blankets?" asked Marcus. Then, he took a good look at Antonio. Then, he took a second look at Julie.

"Hello Marcus, it's been a while since we last saw each other," said Julie. She offered her right hand to Marcus. He took it. Then he let go of it. He remembered reading some news about Julie.

"What are the 2 of you doing here?" asked Marcus. He wanted to know why Diana took them there,

"They are helping me to find new parents for these baby boys. Their mothers rejected them," explained Diana.

"So they're the baby boys of the Amazons who killed their fathers. I should have known that it would happen," said Marcus. At that moment, Diana realized that Marcus knew more about the Amazon Sex Ring than he has let on. To be continued.