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To Train The Human Troops

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Cassiopeia, a Number Eight Cylon pretending to be a Visitor was getting ready to end her shift, when 10 young humans wearing Visitor Youths uniforms arrived in sickbay. They didn't look good. Many of them have minor wounds on their bodies. She and the other medical officers went to heal their wounds. It was easily treated. The medicines they used heal their wounds. Soon there was no proof that they has been injured.

"Thank you for healing us," said a black haired male. He was glad that he didn't have to explain his wounds to his parents. All the 10 youths were glad to be healed.

"How did you got wounded?" asked Cassiopeia. She was glad to not to see Daniel Bernstien among them. She was still angry over his rape of the Kara Thrace double.

"Those ape like aliens in the training room didn't go easy on us. We're glad that these holograms weren't programed to kill us," said the black haired male.

"Are you telling me that you fought holograms of ape like aliens in the training room? I only know only one race of ape like aliens in this universe. They are known as Simians, and they are our allies," said Cassiopeia. Of course, Cassiopeia was still pretending to be a female Visitor. Then, Steven walked into the sickbay.

"I hope that our medical officers healed you," said Steve.

"They did a good job healing us," said a blonde haired female.

"Then, all of you are dismissed. Come back tomorrow for more training," said Steven. So, the 10 healed Visitor Youths left the sickbay. After they left, Cassiopeia gave Steven the evil eye. It caught him off guard, but he recovered.

"Why are you giving me the evil eye, medical officer?" demanded Steven. He still couldn't believe that she gave him the evil eye.

I can not believe that you are using hologram of Simians to train them to fight for our people. The simians are our allies," answered Cassiopeia.

"Our Great Leader does not trust our allies. Our human troops must fight all the races that we send them to fight, even our allies. We would be unstoppable against them with our human troops," answered Steven. Then, he left sickbay, unaware that Cassiopeia was still giving him the evil eye. She wanted to kill him, but it might reveal the truth about herself. Steven doesn't know that her people would offer to help any alien races being attacked by the humans of the Eden tribe. The humans of the Eden tribe wouldn't stand a chance against the creation of their siblings of the 12 colonies. It would prove how useless the humans of the Eden tribe are as troops. Sooner or later, her people, the Cylons would declare war on the Visitors. It would be their punishment for using the siblings of their creators as troops and food. She can't wait for that to happen. The end for now.