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All The Babies Coming Out Of Their Amazon Mothers.

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"What are you going to do with the baby boys. They can't stay here," said Hippollyta. Diana looked at her mother. She knew that she was right. She turned to the other women doctors.

"We need to find loving parents for these baby boys," said Diana. The other 2 women doctors knew that it has to be done.

"We could take them to the hospital where you work. They could find loving parents for them," suggested Antonia. Diana knew why Antonia made that suggestion. She wanted to return to Marcus and keep that promise of becoming his wife.

"How about taking them to Transformation Island. The students there could learn learn how to take care of others from them," suggested Julie. Diana thought about it. She paced back and forth. Julie came from Transformation Island. She agreed to help give birth to these babies. It seem to be a good idea, but Diana knew that it was a big risk. Not all the women there has yet reformed. Some of these women might see these rejected baby boy as a sign that the Amazons doesn't believe that love is stronger than hate. She can't take that risk. Then, she made that decision.

"Antonia, Julie, we're going to take these baby boys to Man's World. I need your help to take them to the hospital where I work. We're going to search for childless parents to raise them," said Diana.

"Is that wise, Diana?" asked Hippollytia.

"I don't know, but the baby boys need loving parents and I believe that the only chance that they get them, is at Man's World," said Diana. Hippollytia couldn't argue with that. So she watched as Diana, Julie, and Antonia put blue blankets around their bodies, got into Diana's invisible plane and left the island. All she could do for now, is to pray that the 3 women doctors would be successful in finding loving parents for these baby boys that came out of their Amazon mothers. So, that what she did. The end, for now.