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All The Babies Coming Out Of Their Amazon Mothers.

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It was a busy day in the Amazon hospital. Hippollyia was worried about all the women about to give birth to their babies. Those who are giving birth, are in great pain. She didn't know what to do. She gave out a message to her daughter, Diana. She hasn't heard a reply from her, yet. Then, she saw Antonia, one of the Amazons who hasn't a fetus put inside her taking care of the birthing Amazons.

"Antonia knows what she doing. She's been a healer for many centuries," said a female voice. She turned to see her daughter, Diana Prince Witman looking at her. She was wearing her doctor costume.

"I'm glad that you're here, Diana. Antonia may need your help," said Hippollyia. Diana saw that Antonia, a red haired Amazon trying to take care of the birthing Amazons. Then, she saw her former student, the blonde haired Julie helping Antonia take care of the birthing Amazons.

"What is Julie doing here?" asked Diana. She remembered last seeing Julie on Transformation Island. Her younger copy put her there after she try to kill her.

"She is here helping Antonia taking care of the birthing Amazons," answered Hippollytla. Diana walked toward them. She stopped near them.

"Do you need my help?" asked Diana. The two stopped when they heard her.

"We need all the help that we could get," answered Antonia. Then, the three women heard the moaning of the birthing Amazons. So the three women doctors got to work. They went to any woman that they could. It took them three hours to get to everyone who need their help. They were so busy that they didn't heard footstep walking into the birthing room. They didn't see the blonde royal female come into the room, but Hippollyia did.

"Have you come to bless the births happening today, Queen Hera?" asked Hippollyia. Then, they heard crying come out of the room. The first baby came out. Diana try to give the newborn to his/her mother. She took one look at it and reject it. It was a boy.

"I came to bless the baby girls, but I can't bless the baby boys. I pray that the boys get loving parents. I hate to think what they will do if they don't get loving parent," warned Hera. To be continued.