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The Call On The Sunday After May Day.

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It was morning on the Sunday after May Day. Mister And Mrs. Kent was getting ready to go to church. They were worried about their daughter since they got the letter from her.

"Are you going to ask the priest to pray for our daughter, Mari?" asked Mrs. Kent. She hoped that her husband will ask that favor from their priest.

"I plan to do so, after Mass," said Mister Kent. Then they heard a ringing from the phone. They ran to it. Mrs. Kent picked it up. Then, they heard a female voice on the phone.

"You have a call from England. Will you accept it?" asked the female voice on the phone. The couple were excited to hear what she was saying.

"We accept the call," said Mrs. Kent. She was hoping that it was from their daughter, Mari. Her heart lifted when she heard the voice of her daughter.

"I decided to call the both of you that I'm all right. I was wondering if the both of you got the letter that I wrote to the both of you before the event of May Day," said the voice of Mari from the phone.

"We got the letter from you a few days ago. We were worried that you might not survive those evil witches," said Mrs. Kent. Mari heard the worry in her mother's voice.

"I survive those evil witches. I managed to rescue the 9 other girls that they were planning to turn into their mindless zombies. There was a fire in their headquarters and those witches didn't survive it. I'm glad that I'm still alive," said the voice of Mari from the phone.

"Your father and I are glad that you're still alive. Those witches got what they deserved," said Mrs. Kent. She gave the phone to her husband. He put the phone to his right ear.

"Those witches were no match for you. I want to say that I'm proud of you. I hope that you make plans to stay in England for the summer. We can't afford to get you a ticket back to America," said Mister Kent.

"Don't worry, Jane's parents wanted me to stay with them for the summer. They believe that I'm a good friend to the daughter, Jane. At least, a better friend than her last roommate. I have to hang up now. I love you. Good bye," said the voice of Mari from the phone. They heard her hung up. They put the phone down. They were relieved now. Their daughter is still alive and she is all right. With a burdon lifted from their mind, the Kents went to church, thankful toward God, for their daughter being still alive. The end for now.