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"Mistress Moms" Series Introduction.

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"Mistress Moms" Series Introduction Part 1: Letter to Parents and Readers.

By James Carmody.

Summary:  Kind of a really weird twist on the "Cinderella Fairy-tale" that should be as if it is written by an insane episode of "The Twilight Zone", but I have serious goals behind this that this little note should make clear.

"Cinderella's Mistresses ARE her Moms!"

This is the operating title of this series that may well be a single story but a few chapters, a tale that resembles Cinderella but with a seriously messed-up twist: her moms are in a lesbian "marriage" and they  own  her, for like in the fairy-tale Cinderella, she's their slave; but they also plan on getting her a "Princess Charming" to rescue, marry her, and own her in a very peculiar and downright surreal situation at that.

"Princess Charming to the Rescue!"

This story finishes up the current objective of the story in a fake rescue that her "Princess Charming" engages in to take her away from her "Mistress Mommies", but as the story progresses it should become clear to all the readers that she's in cahoots with them, so the poor "Cinderella" of this tale is in for quite the surprise, as now she'd be "married" to her new mistress, much to her chagrin at that!

Characters and Roles:

Rebekah Isabelle Danvers-  the wicked stepmom character and the primary mistress; planned idea is to write at least some of this from her point of view. Approximately thirty-eight when the story begins; the "alpha" of the household.

Milana Danvers- Rebekah's wife and biological mom of their slave-girl. Approximately thirty-six when the story begins.

Tina- the "Cinderella character" of this very bizarre and truly twisted fairy tale indeed, for her moms literally plan to play havoc with her head in continual mindgames and worse, to manipulate her into lesbianism by forcing her to endure it through deliberately exposing her to it via showing her them engaging in it with eachother constantly on a daily basis; and thus to scandalize her in the extreme… she's a teenage young adult when the series begins.

Mandy Rayne- the series/story's "Princess Charming", secretly in cahoots with Tina's moms and the college-age woman they plan to make their daughter's co-owner with them and also their daughter-in-law.


Slavery, scandal, stealing to disable escape, domestic abuse, villain-point-of-view for the most part, evil-stepmom story archetype, but the evil stepmom is in fact a lesbian… now that's a twist to the fairy-tale touch of an evil stepmom, but some ideas have already started to explore it over the years.

It is going to be an extremely surreal story indeed, that'll include mindgames and brainwashing and blackmail all aimed at rearranging poor Tina's perspectives on her mothers' fake marriage- specifically done by her moms at that as a means of bullying her into accepting lesbianism as a valid lifestyle. Scandal is also used in this, and the argument I'm making in this is that scandal of the type they're committing is, in fact, a form of lesbian gang-rape by her moms against her; for while they're not even sexually touching her, they are forcing her to watch them make love between the two of them, with the aim of assaulting her conscience and soul by this mechanism, so hence the idea of them being her evil moms- added to the fact that they own her, so that right there is slavery, and hence deeply evil at that… and slavery in and of itself involves stealing too.

There will also be some really dark and gruesome and downright weird activities that Mandy does with her wife, Tina, including a type of "lesbian wrestling match" that will be indirectly described, but will likely have Tina's moms in the front-row of the audience witnessing their daughter-in-law demonstrate her conquest of their daughter/stepdaughter, perhaps even including the Referee being asked to sit on the loser post match in that hedonistic culture that these characters are involved in.


I got the idea to do this from the situation that so few indeed of stories have that touch of all those drama elements interwoven into a single storyline.


Mostly: Crime and Romance, odd pairing, but it should work out fine in this little series.

And a final note to the summary:

While it includes a lot of extremely very shady actions, some very distinctly described- intent there is to show the truly toxic moral environment that Tina's moms have subjected her to, basically a really very gross rendition of "Hell" as it is an environment of deeply immoral conduct that she has no escape from at all, and thus to explain how she began to be so damaged as to see lesbianism as a practical way of life to begin with- it is aimed to convey a purpose, and to reveal the real malice that scandal is, and what exactly it is: in this case: an intimate, spiritual sexual assault (rape), aimed at wearing down the soul's resistance; and thus why it is vital to police your company and choose it wisely. That being something I get the sense is sorely lacking in the world today.

This story is never ever going to be an endorsement of hedonism; but hedonism will feature in it, as the badness in it, and the aim is to show it as a direct threat to innocence, which's aimed at being shown as distinctly good, whereas hedonism is aimed at being shown as distinctly evil intrinsically so.

The plan is to be able to read them as stand-alone stories or as one being the sequel or prequel of the other; sometimes it's a lot better to be introduced into the series at the end and work your way backwards, and in literature there's a sound viewpoint of seeing the tale from the eyes of the bad guy/bad girl… can be really very tricky indeed to get right, but can be outstanding as literature, which's my goal to produce: literature, and all sound literature has a moral of some kind or another, or merely a moral message at least; here it is simple: "live right or be a selfish threat to all those around you." that is the moral standard, as if you choose to be your own god, as so many people in the world do choose, things make the "Twilight Zone" look positively downright sane and really safe by comparison, real quick, too!

Scandal will be a major theme, and the type of scandal Tina's moms are deliberately exposing her to is overtly sexual in nature, so the reality is that what they're going to be doing is a form of lesbian maternal gang-rape of their daughter's soul, real sickos those two, and their girl gang at that! And that's another deliberate touch in this.

Prospective rating will be pretty close to "R", due to the conduct involved in this, so definitely I'd want parental guid a nce, but please don't freak out, as parents; I'm on the side of your better interests: I want all children to develop strong moral senses- never to do as Tina's mothers are doing in this, in any way whatsoever, as they're trying to lead their child astray- I am opposed to those two.

Finally, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask, but please do enable me to respond, so I beg of you not to make anonymous reviews on Fictionpress, as I have trouble answering them directly… and also if you want me to answer and to not merely take up your own time, please do permit me to answer and not close down communications, as that gets really stupid really quick if you do that- I never ever will, of that I promise you.